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How to Send Free SMS Between Xiaomi Users

Mi Message

Xiaomi is one of the smartphone brands from abroad that has successfully taken part in the country with its flagship products. This Chinese vendor already has its own fans in the country called MiFans where they are always waiting for the arrival of the latest release of Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi’s own smart phone, apart from having high specifications at a low price, also provides a variety of features that can spoil its users, one of which is Mi Message.

What is MiMessage?

Mi Message is a short message service (SMS) that is provided to users so they can send free messages to fellow Xiaomi users.

This feature is directly integrated with the default SMS application on your phone and phone contacts, with Mi Message you can send free SMS such as WhatsApp, WeChat, BBM and the like.

It can be said that Mi Message uses the internet connection line, and not the operator SMS line. So you don’t have to worry about this service taking credit, just make sure that your data package is active.

However, to be able to take advantage of this feature you must activate the Mi Message feature first and don’t forget to create a Mi Account from the Xiaomi cellphone you are using. It can be said that the mechanism used is the same as IMessage on the iPhone, even the way to use it is very similar.

Please note that this free SMS service can be done between Xiaomi users who have both activated the Mi Message feature on their cellphones.

How to Activate Mi Message on Xiaomi

First you have to create a Mi Account / Xiaomi Account first before proceeding to Mi Message activation. In this way we will be able to use all Xiaomi services such as data synchronization to Mi Cloud, Phone position tracking, Phone lock, Mi F Codes, Mi Games, Mi Themes and other services.

  • Open the address from your mobile browser
  • Select Registration / Register
  • Fill in all the forms and follow the instructions
  • Choose the method of registering using a cellphone number or using an email
  • Open the email / see the verification code on the registered cellphone number
  • Verify and you’re done

I assume your Mi account has been verified and now all you have to do is log in to your Xiaomi account on your phone. Entered into Settings > Mi Account next select Sign in using the Mi account that was created earlier.

If successful login, then your account will be synchronized with Mi Cloud automatically. And this is also where Mi Message will sync by itself.

After all the steps above have been successfully carried out in sequence, now is to activate Mi Message. But before that you have to make sure that the SIM card is installed correctly and perform the Xiaomi sim activation service.

Go to Settings > System Apps > Messaging > Enable Mi Message.

Mi Message

If the button has been shifted to the right and a blue sign appears, it means it is active and please now activate your internet package.

How to Check Mi Message Is Working

When we have activated Mi Message maybe you won’t see any changes before trying it yourself. And still hesitate to do it, for fear of credit cut off at the normal rate.

To find out this is actually very easy, you just have to look at the new message dialog box (text message writing) does it say “Mi Message” or “Text Message”? If what appears is Mi Message that means you can already send free messages.

Notes: Make sure the sending and receiving parties have both activated the Mi Message feature on their Xiaomi phones and also in an active data plan.

Mi Message can be an alternative for Xiaomi users to send messages at no cost. This service is more appropriate to be called and used as a community chat between MiFans, because its use is limited and can only be used by Xiaomi users.