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10 Default Realme Applications That Can Be Removed

Removable Realme Default Apps

The default smartphone application or commonly called bloatware is a pre-installed application from Smartphone ROMs that have always been embedded in mobile phones. Some bloatware can appear and disappear under certain circumstances.

As happened in the SIM Card Operator application. But to remove such type of application, we have to do Root. Moreover, the application should not be deleted, because its existence is quite important.

The following are the default HP Realme applications that can be removed easily and harmlessly (Safe). So that I’m not mistaken, these are some lists of Realme’s default applications that can be deleted.

List of Default Realme HP Applications That Can Be Removed

Realme has a lot of built-in apps. Of the many applications, there are important and not important (all applications are safe and harmless). Some should be deleted and preserved.

Depending on the importance of the application or not, it all comes back to your hands. And here’s a list of realme default apps that can be removed:

  1. TikTok

Realme provides the TikTok application as a default application that already exists on our new cellphones. Very up to date once, but for those of you who are not TikTok kids, this app is fine if you delete it.

  1. Babe

BaBe is an application where you can read the latest news taken from various trusted site sources. There are also articles from other websites, but if your business is just reading the news, you can search on Google or go to the main Google page.

  1. Default Browser

Realme provides several built-in browsers, such as the original default browser for HP Realme, Google Chrome and Opera Mini.

Actually the Chrome browser is better, because it looks light and safe. One cellphone, one browser is enough. Or if you want some other options, please read the article about the Best Browser Applications.

  1. PDF files

Without using a special PDF reader application, in fact we can still read PDF files, it’s just that it looks less friendly. If you often read ebooks in PDF format, you can think about it before deleting this application.

  1. WPS Office

WPS Office is a word, number and presentation processing application. Every HP brand seems to always make the WPS application the default application. But for Samsung brand cellphones, they prefer to use separate applications (Word, Excel, and Power Point). This HP Realme default application that can be deleted is okay if it is deleted.

  1. J&T Express

With the J&T Express application, you can check postage, receipts and other things related to sending packages, although we can do that on the site that we open via the browser. This application can be deleted if you think it only fills memory space

  1. Facebook

The Facebook application has always been the default application for all cellphones. Unfortunately now many have switched to Facebook Lite, especially since it looks the same and normal Facebook is heavier and takes up a lot of storage space.

  1. Lazada

Interested in using Lazada E-Commerce? If you are interested, you don’t need to delete it.

Indonesia has a lot of E-Commerce, so Lazada is not the only one. Who knows you are interested in using other E-Commerce applications.

  1. Launcher

Launcher is like home, because in Launcher you can save all the application icons and widgets that you have. There are times when this application is important, because we can find the application more easily, but there are times when it is not important. But clearly, the Launcher application can be removed.

  1. Google Apps

Google has many applications, ranging from the Google Play Music application, Duo, Google Play Movies, Google Chrome, Google Drive and many more.

For these Google-owned applications, you can only disable them. Can not be deleted.

The default HP Realme application that you can delete can then be determined by yourself. The point is that later there will be 2 buttons waiting, whether ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Disable’.