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How to Overcome This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection

This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection

You could say that Windows 10 is the most restrictive version of the operating system of Windows. This is because Windows 10 already has a built-in antivirus. And that’s what causes many applications to be unusable, then a message appears “This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection”.

Antivirus itself is actually very good for protecting computers from virus attacks and malicious malware both on the internet and also through media intermediaries such as flash drives.

It’s just that sometimes the protection provided by Windows 10 seems too excessive, because there are some applications that are detected as dangerous when they are not.

Moreover, if for example we want to install a crack application or other illegal smells, there will definitely be these notifications. Indeed, the Windows system itself keeps bad things from happening to the computer, because some crack applications are very dangerous, in contrast to us buying the original version officially.

Of course it’s very annoying isn’t it, when you’ve opened an application by “Run As Administrator” but the application still can’t be opened? As for how to solve this problem, there are three things you can try.

For a complete explanation, you can see several ways to overcome “This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection” which are below:

Unblocking the Protection System

The first way you can try to solve this blocked application problem, is to open blocking what the Windows 10 protection system does.

This method is done so that the protection system does not block all existing applications. Here are the steps to unblock the protection system that you need to do.

how to install applications that are blocked by admin
  1. First open the folder where you will open the files that have been blocked by Windows 10.
  2. After that, look for the application file that has the .exe extension.
  3. If you have found it, then right-click on the application and select the option Properties.
  4. When the Properties window opens, click on the tab General and look for the option named Security below.
  5. In that option, you can give a checklist or tick the option Unblock.
  6. Last click Apply to enable setting changes.

Especially for the trick, you have to be quick to do it, after the file is extracted, immediately left click and select properties. Because if it’s not fast, then the file that we extracted earlier will be automatically deleted by Windows Defender (entered in quarantine).

Turning off Windows Defender

If the first method didn’t work, then you can try the second method by turning off the Windows Defender feature.

As is well known, if Windows Defender is a feature in Windows 10 that has an important role like antivirus.

However, as we explained above, that sometimes this application is too “forced” in terms of protecting our computers. To the extent that users are irritated by it.

this app has been blocked for your protection autocad

Well, here’s how to turn off Windows Defender in Windows 10.

  1. First click on the Windows logo, and select the Settings menu which has a gear-shaped icon.
  2. When the menu Windows Settings already open, select Updates & security
  3. Then click on the option Windows Defender.
  4. You will see a menu Real-time protectionplease change to off.

Acting As Administrator

If the two methods described previously don’t work, then you can try this one. Maybe you still won’t be able to use the blocked application by “Run As Administrator directly on the application”.

However, you can try to become an Administrator with the help of the Command Prompt as follows.

how to turn off this app has been blocked for your protection
  1. First you need to click on the Search button which is next to the Windows logo.
  2. Then the words “CMD” to open Command Promptbut don’t be in a hurry to open it.
  3. In the Command Prompt option that appears, you need to right-click on the logo and select the option “Run As Administrator“.
  4. On the Command Prompt screen that appears, you can manually type the command “user administrator /active:yes” and click Enter.
this app has been blocked for your protection regedit

By using these three ways to overcome This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection, you will still be able to open all the applications you want.

You can try the methods above starting from the first, second, and last until the message This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection no longer appears. That’s the way to deal with it, hopefully it can be useful for all of us.