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5 Best PC Adhan Applications + Free Download Links

PC Adhan Application

There are not as many PC Adhan applications as those presented on Android operations, but at least there are still 5 applications that we recommend for you to choose from.

With these applications, it is very suitable for your daily life which is busy staring at the PC or Laptop screen, you can still remember prayer times even though you don’t hear the Adhan from the nearest mosque.

Here are some of the best Adhan applications for PC devices that will allow you to pray on time.

5 Best Prayer Times Reminder PC Adhan Applications

1. Sholu

This application will display a message before the prayer time comes, when the prayer time comes, and display a message after the entry of the prayer schedule. In this feature, it presents a choice of messages in the form of text, audio or video.

As for other Shollu application features:

  • There is a reminder of Friday prayer time
  • Adhan voice changer feature every prayer time
  • There are 40 selected display skins that make the interface look not boring
  • Gregorian-Hijri calendar conversion
  • Prayer times table files can be saved in HTML, csv and tsv . formats
  • Supports many cities around the world
  • Multi language features

2. Athan

Users can choose various sounds of the Adhan, such as the Adhan from the Al-Aqsa mosque, the Medina Adhan, the Makkah Adhan, the Egyptian Adhan and others. Also equipped with prayers after the Adhan, Madzhab Fiqh, customizable location modifiers, Adhan volume changers and other features such as:

  • Various language options available
  • Its location covers 6 million regions worldwide
  • There are special features on Islamic holidays
  • There are Hijri and Gregorian calendars
  • The feature of adjusting the Hijri date according to the user’s country
  • Automatic Adhan at every prayer time

3. Muslim Daily

In this one PC Adhan application, it contains a prayer time reminder feature with the Adhan and other cool features such as reading the Koran and its tajwid, a collection of daily prayers, tasbih counter, Hijri calendar and much more.

The Muslim Daily application contains complete features in one application. So it can be made as an all in one application.

  • Features set the location of the prayer schedule that can be done manually or automatically
  • Quran with tajweed, audio and translation
  • Counting the number of prayer beads
  • Can adjust Qibla direction
  • Provides Hijri calendar, daily prayers and Hadith Arbain
  • Countdown feature to nearest Islamic day
  • Greeting card for Islamic holidays

4. Muslim Suite Pro

In addition to reminding you of prayer times, the Muslim Suite Pro application has the feature of reading the Koran with supported translations in 44 languages. It uses the internet to download translation files, as well as uses GPS to calculate Geo location.

They determine your location using an IP address and the application has no control over it.

As for other features of the Muslim Suite Pro application:

  • Prayer times reminder with the right time
  • Prayer notifications can use audio or video
  • Quran recitation with 44 translations in different languages
  • Islamic Calendar
  • Islamic prayers and reminders not to forget prayer times

5. Muslim Pro for Windows

Muslim Pro for Windows offers several in-app purchases, in addition to being very full-featured. Prayer times reminders are just a few of the features of this app.

One of the amazing things is that there is a complete story of the Prophet and a biography of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

  • Quran recitation and its translation in 40 languages
  • Full Al Quran in audio or mp3 format
  • Equipped with a collection of Hadith Kutub Al-Sittah, plus Muwatta Malik and Hadith Al-Qudsi, all in English and Arabic
  • Miracle Quran: Scientific, Numerical, and Linguistic Miracles of the Quran
  • Tafsir Ibunu Katsir
  • Sabab Annuzul

And many more features of the PC Adhan application. But unfortunately for the Muslim Pro for Windows application everything is presented in English.