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How to Find the Latest Ovo Reference Code 2022

How to Find Ovo Reference Code

It is important to know the Ovo reference code that can be used to get bonuses in the form of ovo cash or ovo points, here’s how to find out and we will review it in full in this article.

As we know that Ovo is a large company that has many users from various regions. Ovo also has many interesting things to discuss, such as ovo points and ovo cash for example. All of these things we can make and use only on a smartphone.

Besides that, it turns out that there are even more interesting things where we can get bonuses from the results of inviting other people to join OVO. The trick is to use the ovo reference code which is usually owned by all active ovo users.

But many users are confused about how to find out the Ovo reference code that we have? So that later we can share it with our friends who have not registered ovo so that when they register they will use our code?

Actually, we can find this code in our Ovo application, it’s just that some ordinary users don’t know it. Also, this program is indeed an old program where it was launched at the time the new OVO was launched, but unfortunately new users don’t know about it yet.

This system has a referral, where when we invite people to join using the referral code we have, we will automatically get a bonus in the form of ovo points that we can use immediately. For how to use it, you can read at: How to Use OVO Points.

And the problem is, you definitely don’t know where the Ovo reference code is, right? No need to bother looking for it, because we will tell you where it is and can even be remembered anytime and anywhere.

How to Find Ovo Reference Code

Ovo Reference Code

To find out the ovo reference code is very easy, here’s how:

  1. Open the OVO APP
  2. And look at the phone number
  3. Your mobile number is an ovo reference number

For example, my ovo cellphone number is 082301031444, so that’s a reference code that you can give to friends so they can be entered when you first register.

Ways of working

When you successfully invite your friends to download OVO and enter your reference code when you join, you will get a bonus of Rp. 20,000 in the form of OVO Points after your friend makes a transaction with OVO Cash.

And your friends will get a bonus of IDR 25,000 OVO Points for the first transaction with the condition that they make a minimum transaction of IDR 50,000.

If you look at the regulations above, both of them are equally benefited, both those who invite and are invited also get free ovo points.

What if the ovo point bonus doesn’t come in?

If a friend has joined using the reference code you provided but you don’t get the bonus, it could be because your friend hasn’t made a minimum transaction of IDR 50,000 using ovo cash. So you need to ask your friends about this.

But if your friend has done it and you also haven’t gotten the bonus, there could be a system error or at the latest please wait for 24 hours. You can also contact OVO if that still doesn’t work.

But it’s a shame because it looks like the event period has ended, but there’s nothing wrong if you still want to try it because OVO could re-impose it.