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How to Edit Photos to Become Races of Other Countries

Pix2Mix Bot Telegram

On Facebook and Instagram, many users edit photos into various types of races from other countries such as Asia, Africa, India and Europe. All look unique and cute.

In this era, it is not impossible to do new things on the internet, especially when it comes to photo manipulation.

Because there are so many interesting photo editing applications, ranging from photo editing to beards, picsay pro manipulation to photo editing applications that are loved by celebrities.

We can find various kinds of photo editing above in the Play Store for Android smartphones and in the App Store for iPhone users. Starting from free to paid everything is there.

What is interesting and stealing the attention lately is photo editing with a telegram bot called Pix2mix bot. This has gone viral on Facebook and Instagram.

What is Pix2Mix?

Pix2Mix is ​​a telegram bot where users can edit photos into various races from Asia, Africa, India and Europe. All can be run in bots without using third-party applications.

The way it works is quite simple, we only need to upload a photo to the bot and later we will be given several choices of races to use. After that the bot will process it and the results will be sent to your cellphone directly so that it can be saved.

How to Use Pix2Mix Bot

Here’s how to use Pix2Mix Bot:

First download the Telegram app

Visit the following link:

Choose Start and the bot will run

How to Use Pix2Mix Bot

Please upload a photo of your face

How to Use Pix2Mix Bot

We will be asked to choose a filter

How to Use Pix2Mix Bot

Next select Normal

How to Use Pix2Mix Bot

Wait for the bot system to process your photo, and the results will be sent to the chat directly

You can save the photo to the gallery, by tapping the photo and selecting Save to gallery.

For other races, you can repeat the steps above, it’s just that in the filter section you will select the race of the country that will be used.

This is often done by social media users where they combine the various types of races above into one frame that looks very unique.

Is Pix2Mix Available in Apk?

So far there is no Pix2Mix Apk version, even if we visit the official website directly at we will not find a download menu to the Play Store or App Store, only a link to Telegram.

Why not make it an apk version? It could be that the developer considers that using Telegram will make it easier for users to operate it.

Not to mention that in Telegram we will not find annoying ads like in the application. So we as users can freely edit photos.

The final word

The most important thing in using Pix2Mix is ​​that your facial photos look clear and not blurry. Because the bot will detect the face first, so that later he will turn it into various races as determined.

Don’t let your photo pose tilt, because it will also affect the results later. Hopefully useful and good luck trying it!