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4 Ways to Prevent Xiaomi's Cellphones from being Tracked by People

How to make a Xiaomi cellphone untraceable

Be careful, Chinese mobile giant Xiaomi records millions of people’s personal data and then sends it to a remote server hosted by China’s biggest company, Alibaba.

But if you look at ‘who’ is your enemy now, which is more appropriate, it’s not really the Chinese company, but the people around you who idly or maliciously track your whereabouts that should be private.

There are several ways to make your Xiaomi cellphone untraceable. But it may not be 100% effective, so we’ll provide a collection of methods that you can consider later.

Given that humans are now more sophisticated, it’s a good idea for you to become a more sophisticated figure as well.

How to make a Xiaomi cellphone untraceable

1. Turning Off Your Location

To be honest, this method is actually less successful. Because the location you turn off only hides information wherever you are traveling at that time.

Meanwhile, access location, Google Maps, Gmail and others belonging to Google, it has a lot of access to enter into your phone.

Even if the location has been turned off, but if you still have a Google account stored on your cellphone, you will still be tracked.

At least that’s how a tech-savvy person will track you down.

But don’t worry, if it gets to that bad, you won’t just turn off the location, so that it’s harder to track, delete the location history from your Google account. Use the ‘Web and App Activity’ menu to remove traces of your location.

2. Remove All Location Traces from Installed Apps

After deleting the traces of applications on Google Maps along with Google (Gmail) accounts, now is the time for you to remove location traces from applications that have asked for permission to access location from your cellphone.

Some examples of applications that have taken your location information are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

How to remove traces of its location varies depending on the application. Or easier, you can simply delete the application data and then log in again without giving location access to the application.

3. Turning Off Your Phone

The next way to make your Xiaomi cellphone untraceable is to turn off your cellphone. This will delete the location you want to go to later, but it can’t delete the last location you stopped at.

So it’s only temporary. After your cellphone is turned on again, your location can be read and tracked again.

The single most effective way so that your location is not detected is not to bring the cellphone with you.

4. Turn Off Data, Turn Off Wifi and Turn On Airplane Mode

When airplane mode is on, everything related to the signal will be cut off. This will also cut off your information, but it works the same way when you turn off your phone.

So basically, cell phones can be tracked by 3 types of signals: wireless signals, Wifi signals and GPS signals.

So it’s absolutely impossible to hide your location and stop making your cellphone trackable if those signals are still linked to your device.

It shouldn’t be as serious as this, but have a look first who’s tracking you.

It seems almost impossible to do a way so that Xiaomi cellphones cannot be traced, especially if what you are fighting here is the police.

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This is why many fugitive criminals use Burner phones, or phones that are immediately thrown away after being used. Technology is now really advanced, so there’s no room for letting criminals off the hook.

The problem is, are you a criminal or not?