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How to Create a Paypal Account Without a Credit Card Latest 2022

how to create a paypal account

Paypal is an online-based electronic payment system service that can be used to receive and send money to anyone.

It can be said that paypal is a digital wallet that can be easily accessed either through a web browser or using an application on a smartphone.

Paypal has become very popular lately, especially during a pandemic like today, many people are looking for additional income online such as selling clothes, placing ads on blogs, becoming affiliates and the like.

There are so many online businesses that can be done only from home, and paypal is one of the highly recommended online accounts because almost all publisher sites on the internet use paypal as their main payment method.

But for people who are clueless, and don’t know what paypal is, they will definitely feel difficult when they first create a paypal account. Therefore, we will provide a guide below.

How to Create a Paypal Account Without a Credit Card

Can I create a paypal account without a credit card? Of course you can, a credit card is only needed when we want to send money, if only to receive payments, accounts that are not associated with a credit card can also be used.

First visit paypal official website

After logging in, we will be asked to choose the type of account that will be used, because we are individuals, so please choose Personal Account.

Select the type of paypal account

Next we will be given the choice of what to use paypal, because here we will use it to receive and send money, so please choose both of the above.

The need to use paypal

Next, complete the form provided such as email address, first name, last name and password.

Fill in the registration form

After filling out the form above, we will then be asked to fill in personal data such as date of birth, address, citizenship, postal code and cellphone number, all of which must be filled in.

Fill in the personal data form

After filling in valid data, your Paypal account is now successfully created.

how to create a paypal account

In the next step you will be directed to fill in credit card data, if you don’t have one, you can skip this step by selecting “I will do it later“.

Credit card options

Now you can immediately accept payments from anyone, and congratulations for successfully creating a paypal account without a credit card.

how to create a paypal account

Don’t forget to confirm your email

The last step is not to forget to open your email, and confirm the email sent by paypal. This is needed so that the paypal account that you use is verified and avoids misuse of the account.

What next needs to be done?

The next step is to fill in your paypal balance, you can exchange money in rupiah with paypal dollars at the paypal balance provider. Usually they often sell in facebook groups.

Unverified Paypal Account, Is Vulnerable to Blocking?

For standard needs such as making transactions to receive small amounts of money, you can still use an account that is not linked to a credit card.

However, if you have made larger transactions such as 100$ and above, you should use a verified paypal account with a credit card. You can use genius BTPN and the like for local banks.

How do I receive payments via Paypal?

To receive payments via paypal is very easy, you just need to send an email to the sender, and they will send money to your paypal account quickly.

This article is equipped with an image that aims to make it easier for users to understand the tutorial that has been written above, at the next meeting maybe we will also add a video tutorial so that no one gets confused anymore.