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Have an interview but haven't been called to work yet? read this

Have an interview but haven't been called to work yet?

What are the reasons for having an interview but not being called to work? Interview in a job is one of the stages that must be passed by job applicants.

Usually at this time it will give the best. The reason is that the interviewer is usually the user or the person who will become his direct supervisor.

At this stage, many people feel awkward, insecure and even nervous that it interferes with the interview process.

The competition is quite big, as well as very limited job opportunities, making applicants try their best to get the job they want.

Have an interview but haven’t been called to work yet? Maybe this is the cause

Have an interview but haven't been called to work yet?
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Most people will certainly give their best in this one process. Many applicants also try to practice one day before the D day.

Even though they have done whatever is suggested, in fact there are still applicants who fail or have been interviewed but have not been called for work. Here are some reasons!

Do not understand the ins and outs of the company being applied for

It’s a good idea to find out about the profile of the company you are applying for.

Usually the interviewer will ask some basic questions about the company such as ‘What do you know about this company? and various other questions.

Here you should give the best, if not then your assessment will automatically be less good. So beforehand prepare information about the related company.

Not Turning Off The Phone

This may sound trivial, but the ringing of the cell phone can be quite annoying. Don’t let your company interview you forget to turn on silent mode so that various incoming notifications can make things uncomfortable.

Put your cell phone in your bag, turn on silent mode or turn it off for a moment can be the right choice during the interview process.

There are some types of interviewers who are annoyed by the ringing of the cell phone and will think you are unprofessional.

If you forget and suddenly it beeps, immediately apologize and give permission for a moment to turn it off immediately.

It would be much better and considered more professional than just being ignored.

Not Dressed Neatly

This point could be the reason why you have been interviewed but have not been called for a job. It is quite important during a job interview is to wear polite, neat and clean clothes.

You don’t need new clothes as long as you wear decent old clothes. Because the first impression is quite important. Especially if you are a job applicant who has just graduated from college.

Must not have had experience of how the situation during the interview process took place. So, for that, prepare yourself as best you can, both in appearance and broad insight.

Not Using Professional Words

Even though you are in an age where you are free to express your opinion, choosing the right words when talking to other people is very important.

Do not let the person you are talking to feel offended by your words. In a job interview, try to control and maintain the best possible speech.

Never speak impolitely or even rudely to interviewers.

Not only are you considered unprofessional, you may be blacklisted from the list of applicants. It’s not impossible that it will have a big impact on your future career.

Pay too much priority

Indeed, the essence of a person’s work is to make money to meet his daily living expenses. But you should not make this a top priority during the job interview process.

You should not immediately ask what facilities will be obtained at the company or ask for a large salary at the beginning. This can cause you to have an interview but have not been called for a job.

Indeed, the discussion about salary and benefits will be discussed in the interview process, but there is a time. Not discussed at the beginning of self-introduction, for example.

Come too late

Arriving late will only show that you don’t see this interview as a priority.

If you are late, the interviewer will judge you as someone who is slow in doing a job. Prepare from the beginning, if necessary find the location of the company the day before.

So that you can predict road conditions and which points are affected by traffic jams so you don’t have an excuse to arrive late because you are stuck in traffic.

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So, those are the six things that can cause you to have an interview but have not been called to work or make you fail to get a job.

If you really want to work, then you should give your best.

Don’t let it just be trivial, it can destroy the desire to work in a place that you have dreamed of for a long time. Good luck!