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7 Dangers of Using a Free VPN You Need to Know

Dangers of Using a VPN

The dangers of using a free VPN cannot be underestimated, if you want to access the unlimited internet in a safer way without the danger of using a VPN, then you can use a paid VPN.

Because according to research based on data we quoted from Top10VPN free VPN, as many as 59% of free VPNs are owned by Chinese companies. In addition, as many as 86% of free VPNs based on Top10VPN free VPN investigation, have serious privacy weaknesses. This includes sharing data with third parties.

There has even been a case, one of the popular free VPN applications called Hotspot Shield, was accused of spying on the traffic of its users. The US digital rights advocacy group also lodged a complaint with the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC).

Even though they maintain the privacy of their users’ data in an anonymous form, still, the dangers of a free VPN cannot be underestimated.

To better understand what the dangers are, here are some of the dangers of using a VPN.

1. Spying on Privately

Spying on Privately

They can have your important data such as your IP address, a list of addresses of sites you have visited, a list of searches and others.

It may be true that you are not an important person, but what if they did this to tens or hundreds of millions of people?

2. Your Personal Data is stolen

Your Personal Data is stolen

After being spied on by their advanced technology, then your important data is stolen, taken, then the ending is sold.

Indeed, who wants to buy our unimportant data?

Remember, they don’t just do this to us. But millions of people are out there. What initially is not important, can become very important if there are many.

3. Fraud

Maybe you are wondering, what will happen if our data is stolen and then sold and bought by someone?

The data they get themselves varies greatly, it could mean the email address installed on your cellphone, phone number, social media access data or maybe a list of your search history, and so on.

This data can later be used by fraudsters, they can call you suddenly, send messages to your cellphone number, carry out hijacking and send fraudulent emails.
Or at worst your personal data is bought by a country. What to make?

4. Emergence of Malware


Malware is a dangerous virus that exists on the internet. Indeed, our cellphones are protected from this virus, but if you use an inappropriate VPN, the dangers of using this VPN can befall you because you have indirectly opened the security of your own cellphone.

The effects of malware attacks are devastating for mobile phones. The internal device can be damaged, or it can also suffer losses such as quickly running out of credit due to SMS Trojans, ransomware, spyware and adware.

5. Annoying Ads Appear

Normally an ad only appears when we open an application or website. But if the ad appears in the wrong place (home), and its presence is very disturbing, it could be the ads that arise as a result of the impact of the malware attack earlier.

Besides being annoying, the presence of these ads can also worsen the software and make the phone battery drain faster.

6. Internet Connection Becomes Slow

The way a VPN works is to open the path of data traffic from blocked sites, the more sites you open, the more traffic the VPN creates.

This makes your internet slow down, and not as fast as when accessing the internet without a VPN. This danger is often felt by free VPN users.

7. Bank data can be hacked

Bank data can be hacked

This danger is a part of data theft. This has happened many times, so be careful when using a VPN.

In order to avoid the dangers of using this VPN, never make transactions or log in to your mobile bank while the VPN is on.