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3 Smule Video Download Applications, Easy Ways to Save Videos from Smule

Who is not familiar with the Smule application? Almost everyone uses this application, especially for those who like karaoke. This application that skyrocketed in 2022 gives users the opportunity to karaoke with the original singer. If lucky, users can also duet with international singers though.

For those who are lucky to have had a duet with an idol, they certainly don’t want to lose that memorable moment. They tend to download it to save in the gallery. So, to make downloading easier, let’s use the following Smule video download application.

A collection of Recommended Smule Video Download Applications

#1 – Downloader for Smule

Downloader for Smule is one of the most popular Smule video download applications in the community. This application, which always occupies the top list on the Google Play Store, can be used to download audio and video from Smule.

How to download videos through this application is very easy, users only need to enter the address (URL) of the video into the application and search for it. Once found, you can immediately press the download icon to save the video for free.

The advantage of this application is that it is very light and anti-lag with an application size of only 3 MB. In addition, downloading videos through this application is very fast, only a few seconds. Application made Abhinandan Chakraborty It is available in both free and premium versions.

In the premium version, users can download the cover image of each downloaded video as well as the profile of each singer. In addition, users are also provided with a list of singers and of course ad-free.

#2 – All Video Downloader

Another application that can be used to download Smule videos is All Video Downloader. Like other Smule download applications, users only need to enter the URL of the video they want to download. This application will download videos with HD quality and can be used for all video formats ranging from mp4, mkv, mpk, avi, flv, mpg to wmx.

The advantage of this application is that it supports all video sizes so that users can download videos of unlimited duration. In addition, this 1.2 MB sized application has a pause/remove/resume facility so you can continue downloading if at any time the download process stops due to a bad signal.

Another plus is that this application is not limited to Smule videos, but can also be used to save videos from other sources.

#3 – Video Downloader mp4 Movie Downloader

Video Downloader mp4 Movie Downloader application is also an application to save videos easily and quickly. This application can be used to download all existing videos, including Smule videos. In fact, this application can also be used to download music.

The advantage of this application is that it can download more than one video at the same time. In addition, the video quality also has HD resolution. However, this application cannot be used to download videos from YouTube.

So, that was the list of Smule video download applications that you can choose from. Each downloaded video will usually be saved automatically in the gallery, making it easier to search.