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7 Common Fresh Graduate Job Interview Questions

Fresh Graduate Job Interview Questions

A job interview is your first chance to get a job with the skills to speak and answer questions. At this stage you will be asked several questions which if the answer is liked by HRD, then it is very likely that you can get the job you are looking for easily.

From that it is very important to give the correct answer and be liked by HRD. Especially for someone who has just graduated from college or the term “fresh graduate” where on average they do not have any experience in terms of work.

Especially for graduates of SMK, SMA and the equivalent, of course, they will have minimal experience and do not know anything about the world of work. This is important to know even if you are going to apply for a job at Alfamart or Indomaret.

It is important that you know the fresh graduate job interview questions so that you can prepare your best answers.

The question for every company is not always the same. It depends on where you apply, but the following questions never leave HRD’s list of questions. Here are some examples and tips for answering the question.

Sample Job Interview Questions Fresh Graduate

How Much Salary Do You Want?

This question is quite tricky. It would be better if you try to avoid it by making a statement:

“I would like to better understand my duties and responsibilities in this position before talking about the salary I would like to receive.”

Or if it’s not possible to avoid it, you can answer it with a strong stance like the following example:

“I believe the company has a standard and maximum salary range budget for my position. I also believe that you want to find a candidate who has the required competencies. Therefore, I will respectfully accept the maximum salary range for the position.”

As a fresh graduate, don’t want to be given a salary below the standard given. You must know the salary benchmark of the position you are applying for. Because it will affect the task or work that you will receive later.

How Would You Describe Yourself?

This question is given to assess your character. Fresh graduates must be smart in choosing words to describe yourself.

Some things to avoid from this question, don’t beat around the bush, don’t exaggerate and don’t underestimate yourself. Embrace these 3 principles in describing yourself.

For the arrangement of the depiction, try to tell what soft skills You, your academic abilities, tell us a little about your daily life, stories about how you overcome problems and stories about things you are proud of that you have achieved.

Don’t take it too long so HRD doesn’t get bored or think you’re lying.

Why Should You Apply to This Company with This Position?

This fresh graduate job interview question is often used as an opening question during an interview. Tips so that your answer sounds good and they like it, you can do it by giving rational and logical reasons.

Do not exaggerate answers, or exaggerate the company so as not to impress recruiters.

There are 3 smart ways to answer this interview question, namely by trying to show enthusiasm for the job you are applying for, connecting your skills with the position you are applying for and believing that the job can lead you to success with a brilliant career.

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What Weaknesses and Strengths Do You Have?

For the question what is your weakness, try to avoid the answer, ‘I don’t have anything lacking’ or the answer has flaws but does not have a solution for these shortcomings.

Be honest with yourself and show a strong determination that you can overcome those shortcomings. So inevitably, the answer you gave is a drawback and a solution. If you are successful in answering this question, you have successfully built an impression of professionalism and self-awareness.

As for what advantages do you have, just answer with a logical answer without exaggerating.

In addition to the fresh graduate job interview questions above, there are several other questions such as:

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

When HRD asks questions like this, it means he wants to know how seriously you are going to pursue the career that you are about to enter, whether you are serious or just want to try it.

Answer with full confidence that you can grow the company and you will be in the best position of the company when it is 5 years ahead.

Why Should We Hire You?

Explain what you have and why they should hire you for the position. This is where you have to understand very well about what position you will occupy, master all of them before the interview is carried out.

Make the company sure that they are not wrong in hiring you in their company, also convince HRD with the abilities you have.

Do You Have Questions?

If you have questions, please ask them, but don’t ask about what work to do, because that will show that you don’t understand what you are trying to apply for.

Moreover, to ask the amount of salary that will be given, it’s already presumptuous to ask for a nominal salary. Ask only as necessary, and if there are no questions, please answer no.

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Those are some of the first fresh graduate job interview questions and their answers. Both asking in English and Indonesian are the same in essence later, the important thing is that you have to understand what HRD means.