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7 Best Android Song Guessing Games for Music Lovers in Indonesia

Android song guessing game

Playing games is actually not limited to just hobbies and fun, because there are several games that can be used as a learning tool, such as brain teaser games. In addition, one of the games that can be played to increase musical knowledge is the song guessing game.

This game is certainly recommended for those of you who work in the music world. Well, for those of you who want to hone your knowledge of music and songs, here’s a list of 7 best song guessing games that you can try on your Android phone.

7 Best Song Guessing Games on Android to Sharpen Your Music Knowledge

1. Guess the Song Game Game

The first application that can be used to hone knowledge about songs is the Guess Song Game. This top application on the Google Play Store presents a variety of popular Indonesian songs that must be guessed within 3 minutes. How to play is very easy where players will be played with songs and given 4 answer choices.

Guess the Song Game Game

When playing, players will be given 3 help that can be used if they can’t guess the song, namely 50:50, pass and replay. For the replay option, users can use it during the game, while the other two options can only be used once.

Download Game Guess the Song

2. Guess Popular Songs

Another song guessing application that you can try is Guess Popular Songs. This application allows users to guess local and international (western) songs that are popular or hits. To guess the song correctly, players will be given 4 answer choices that must be chosen before entering the 150th second.

Guess Popular Songs

In this application, players will get 3 help options, namely 50:50, skip and a timer to get an additional 15 seconds. Not only playing, in this game there is also a song guessing competition where the winner will get a prize.

Download Guess Popular Songs

3. Guess the Dangdut Song Game

For dangdut lovers, you really have to try the Guess the Dangdut Song Game to hone your dangdut music skills. Maybe there is a dangdut song that you don’t know and it’s actually fun to enjoy.

Guess the Dangdut Song Game

While playing, users can also collect coins that can be used to buy certain items or take part in a song guessing competition that will be held later.

Download Game Guess the Song Dangdut

4. Guess the Indonesian Song

Local song fans can hone their musical knowledge through the Guess Indonesian Song Android game application. This application provides thousands of popular Indonesian songs that have become hits to guess the title of the song.

Guess the Indonesian Song

In addition, in this application there are also more than 300 video clips that are used as material in guessing songs. The video clip is certainly very useful for sharpening the player’s memory.

Download Guess the Indonesian Song

5. Race in Indonesian Melody

Fans of the Net TV channel, of course, are familiar with the program “Racing in the Melody” hosted by David Naif. The event, which has actually existed since 1988, is also available in the form of an application, namely the Berpacu in Melody Indonesia application.

Racing in Indonesian Melody

In this application users can play guess local songs and get scores. This application can be played with friends to find out who has more knowledge about songs. Interested?

Download Racing in Indonesian Melody

6. Guess the Western Song

Guess the Western Song

Fans of western songs are highly recommended to test their knowledge of western songs through the game Guess the West Song. In this application there are hundreds of western songs that players have to guess. The song will be updated every day.

Download Guess the West Song

7. Quiz Guess the Latest Indonesian Song

Guess the Latest Indonesian Song Quiz

If the applications he calls ask players to guess the title of the song, in the Quiz application to guess the latest Indonesian song, players will be asked to fill in the empty song lyrics correctly. You don’t have to worry about getting a score of 0 because the songs used are the latest hits and popular songs.

Download Quiz Guess the Latest Indonesian Songs

Well, those were some recommendations for Android song guessing games that can be used as an option to pour your music hobby.