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5 Super Cool Name Maker Applications on Android, Want to Try it?

Name Art - Focus n Filter

Artwork does have a very broad field, ranging from handicrafts, fine arts, calligraphy, graffiti and so on. In addition, names can also be edited in such a way to produce beautiful visuals.

To make a name into a work of art is not difficult, we can use the help of a cool name maker application. Well, for those of you who are curious about what applications can be used, let’s look at the following in full.

5 Most Recommended Cool Name Maker Applications

1. Smoke Effect Art Name

A cool name maker application that is very popular among teenagers is Smoke Effect Art Name. This top-of-the-line application on the Google Play Store will help you decorate your name with a colorful smoke effect. This application provides more than 100 font styles with more than 200 stickers that can be used to decorate names.

Smoke Effect Art Name

Another feature offered by this application is that it offers 15 smoke backgrounds with various designs and colors, can add color to the background or text, complete emojis and supports making calligraphy art from a name. The advantage of this application is that there is a filter that will make name creations more beautiful and fresh.

2. Doodle Art Name Maker

Of course, readers are already familiar with the name “Doodle”. This artwork is indeed quite complicated, but produces interesting images. Blind doodle requires accuracy, ingenuity and of course must be patient. However, with the help of Doodle Art Name Maker application you can easily create doodle art using names.

Doodle Art Name Maker

This application provides a large selection of doodles, ranging from animal pictures, graffiti, animations, patterns and several other themes. This cool name generator application provides a variety of cool designs with a simple interface that makes it easy for beginners to use.

The advantage of this application is that users can make doodles with a variety of color choices. However, when using this application, to write the name it has its own place so it cannot be moved.

3. 3D Smoke Effect Name Art Maker

Another application that will make your name cooler is 3D Smoke Name Art Maker. This application is almost the same as the smoke effect art name, but produces 3D fonts so that it has a more lively and attractive impression.

3D Smoke Effect Name Art Maker

In addition, this application provides more complete features ranging from background choices, colors, font styles to stickers. Stickers that can be used are not only about emojis, but also many other interesting themes such as stickers of hearts, flowers, birds, wishes, birthdays or flowers.

4. Name Art – Focus n Filter

This application is more suitable for sending congratulatory cards on a wedding or graduation congratulations cards are very suitable. Especially for a lover who is having a birthday or you want to surprise your wife by writing aphorisms.

Name Art - Focus n Filter

You can create a variety of stylish writing with this Name Art – Focus n Filter application. This application is quite good because it gets a 4.5 rating on the play store. Curious how the complete features in it?

5. Heart Name Art

Make your words more beautiful with Heart Name Art application. Of course, if an article is only written from a paper, it will look bland. Therefore it is necessary to decorate like a frame to make it cooler.

Heart Name Art

More than 100 templates that we can use to make the name cooler plus 300 symbols that we can use to beautify the text we write. Can set various types of backgrounds, so you are free to change it to any model.

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So, those were some cool name maker apps that you can choose from. Each application has different features, designs and font styles. Whether your artwork is good or not depends on your own creativity and innovation.