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7 Best and Most Powerful Virus Removal Applications on Android

DU Antivirus Security

Viruses are indeed the main enemy in the world of technology, one of which is on Android devices. The reason is, the more sophisticated Android, the easier it will be for viruses to attack, one of which is through applications.

To overcome this, many developers have worked hard to produce the best virus removal application that is effective for thoroughly cleaning all types of viruses on Android.

Curious what the application is? Come on, see more below.

List of 7 Most Powerful Virus Removal Applications

1. Clean Master

The application that is used to improve the performance of Android has turned out to be very effective in removing viruses. Clean Master application can scan and find all viruses and trojan existing on Android and delete it.

Clean Master

In addition, this application will also provide protection against virus attacks in the future. Even in AV-Test, the antivirus engine of this application is ranked #1.

2. Super Cleaner

The Super Cleaner application can also be used as an antivirus on Android. In addition to killing all existing viruses, this application can also improve device performance by boosting RAM and storage space.

Super Cleaner

In addition, this application also has an app lock feature to protect user accounts in the application. However, this app only works on Android 4.0 and above.

3. Security Master

Security Master is also one of the apps equipped with the best antivirus engine to scan and remove viruses on the device in no time.

Security Master

In addition, this application is also able to detect devices that have the potential to damage Android. The main advantage of this application is that there are VPN Safe Connect for free without the need to register.

4. Clean Master Lite (Boost)

Clean Master Lite (Boost) is a mini version of Clean Master. This application has the same features as the full version, starting from antivirus activity (cleaning viruses, malware, adware, trojans, etc.), RAM boosting to cache cleansing.

Clean Master Lite

This application is highly recommended for Android with less than 1 GB RAM. Despite its mini size, this app performs as well as the original app.

5. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

As one of the best antiviruses in the world, of course, Avast Mobile’s ability to clear viruses is no longer in doubt.

Avast Mobile Security

This antivirus that is widely used by PCs is now available in an Android version with a size of 27 MB. Apart from being an antivirus, other features of this application are app lock, call blocker, WiFi security, anti-theft and VPN.

6. DU Antivirus Security – Applock & Privacy

In addition to the widely used DU Speed ​​Booster application, one of the well-known applications made by DU Security Lab is DU Antivirus Security.

DU Antivirus Security

This virus removal app will detect your device for various virus attacks and automatically remove them.

One of the excellent features of this application is that users can hide files that are considered private so that other people don’t see them.

7. Avira Antivirus Security

Apart from avast, Avira is also developing an Android version of the antivirus, namely the Avira Antivirus Security application. This application has been proven to be able to detect all types of viruses from various sources that are not detected by other applications.

Avira Antivirus Security

In fact, this application is so merciful that it has received an award in the antivirus field. In addition, this application also provides protection for personal data on Android devices to prevent data theft.

Well, those are some virus removal apps that can protect your device from malware attacks.

Even though you have installed an antivirus, you should still be careful in installing applications or free promotional advertising content because they usually carry a lot of deadly viruses.