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5 Guitar Key Apps on Android that are Suitable for Beginners

The guitar is one of the most familiar musical instruments among people from various circles. Almost everyone who likes music uses it as an accompaniment, either to perform or just to express a hobby.

Being able to play the guitar certainly has its own enjoyment, especially for people who like to sing. In playing guitar, beginners are only required to master the basic keys, while to be able to play a song, you can use the following guitar chord application.

5 Best Recommended Guitar Key Apps for Beginners

1. Chord Guitar Full Offline

This Full Offline Guitar Chord application contains all the guitar chords of a song along with the complete lyrics that can be run without using an internet connection, aka offline. In this application there are more than 60,000 guitar chords from 5000 artists, both local and international from all genres of music.

Chord Guitar Full Offline

Users can search for guitar chords by alphabetical order or by artist category. In addition, one of the advantages of this application is the zoom in or out feature to facilitate user visualization. In fact, you will also be served top song chart which is a hit.

2. Guitar chords and tabs

Another application that is also recommended for beginners to learn guitar is Guitar chords and tabs. This application is perfect for users who love local and foreign products where in it there is a complete list of guitar chords for all foreign band songs, from the debut era to the present.

Guitar chords and tabs

In fact, this application also contains the lyrics and chords of the Nissa Sabyan song that is currently being hit in the country. The advantage of this application is that there are autoscroll and chord transpose features to make it easier for users. In addition, users are also facilitated with the chords of regional songs in various regional languages.

3. Guitar chords & AZ Lyrics

Another super complete guitar chord application, namely Guitar Key & AZ Song Lyrics. This application contains a variety of chords and song lyrics from Indonesian, Malaysian and western bands. The choice of songs presented is also diverse, ranging from old songs that are even now dead or disbanded to new songs from various genres.

AZ Kunci Guitar chords & Lyrics

For dangdut lovers, you don’t need to worry because this song also contains a variety of dangdut chords that can be used offline. This application also provides an email for criticism and suggestions, so if there is your favorite song that has not been included in the list, it can be recommended to the developer.

4. Complete Song Guitar Key

Another application that is highly recommended for developing beginner guitar skills is Key Guitar Complete Songs. This application contains a complete collection of chords and lyrics of Indonesian singers (full album).

Complete Song Guitar Key

In this application, you can find all Indonesian songs from various genres and generations, from Ebied G Ade’s songs, Elements to newly released songs from newcomers. This application is equipped with auto scroll, next and back buttons to make it easier for users to change pages.

5. Guitar 3D – Basic Chords

In addition to the recommendations above, another guitar chord application that you can try is Guitar 3D – Basic Chords. This application contains a variety of songs from various genres and singers, ranging from singers who are hits or indi bands.

Guitar 3D - Basic Chords

With this application, users are also provided with pictures of guitar chords to help deepen their knowledge of basic guitar chords.

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Before using the guitar chord application above, it is better for beginners to learn first about the basic keys in playing the guitar in full, starting from ordinary keys to major keys to make it easier in the future.