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6 Thai Drama Applications Indonesian Sub + Site

Thai Drama App

Honestly, it’s quite difficult to find an application that serves Thai drama (Lakorn) complete with Indonesian subtitles. Unlike Korean dramas which can be found easily, finding a Thai drama application with Indonesian subtitles is quite difficult.

Did you know with Lakorn Hormones, I once searched for the drama and found it very difficult to get it. Whereas Hormones is one of the famous and popular Thai Lakorns.

But now that the era is sophisticated, there are many drama and movie streaming applications that can be accessed easily. And here are some Thai drama applications that you can download.

6 Best and Most Complete Thai Drama Applications


VIU is indeed more dominant in Asian dramas and films such as Korea, Indonesia, China and Thailand. There are only a few Thai films or dramas.

But in this application, you can find movies and dramas with clear display and clear Indonesian subtitles. But don’t expect all the Thai dramas you want can be found here.

To enjoy the premium features of watching without ads, you can subscribe to Viu Premium and get access to unlimited videos that are complete and of the best quality.


Kajja was released in 2022, so it’s not a new application. He provides various Asian dramas, one of which is Thai, he provides Indonesian subtitles with various choices of stunning quality.

Kajja application maintenance system is very good, every day they present the latest episodes of the drama series concerned.

You can get this application through a browser for free without a subscription fee.


This Thai drama application is similar to VIU, the dramas that air there are mixed. Not all of them are Thai, there are Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese dramas and others. The size of this application is very small, when on the Playstore, it becomes the best editor’s choice of watching movies with Indonesian subtitles.

But in my personal opinion, VIU is more complete than VIKI.

Thai drama Lakorn HD

You will not be able to find this Thai drama watching application on the Playstore. To download the application, it can only be searched via a browser.

The Thai Drama Lakorn HD application is highly recommended because the dramas they serve are not mixed with dramas from other countries. You can find both latest and old Thai dramas (Lakorn) in the app.

There are few choices, as for other Thai drama applications, only English subtitles are provided.

Some of those applications include:

  • Khmer Thai Drama : Purely in Thai and doesn’t have a lot of subtitle options, but luckily for English it’s still available.
  • Thai Drama: Still a new application, not very complete and the subtitle options are few.

In addition to applications, there are also sites that provide Thai drama shows in Indonesian. Guaranteed free without the need to pay and complete.

All Thai dramas you can find on this site. It’s not an official site, but it’s free. Maybe you will be disturbed by the various ads that appear, but don’t worry, after the ads appear you can download various Thai dramas and dramas from other countries for free. Only quota capital.

Guaranteed 100% to provide Indonesian subtitles.

Although the name is more inclined to Korean dramas, but make no mistake, Lakron or Thai dramas are also widely available on this site.

In addition, Indonesian subtitles are also available. Just choose what drama you want to watch. You can stream or download it to memory storage.

Those are some of the Thai drama applications with Indonesian subtitles that we recommend the most for you.