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6 Basic Techniques of Futsal Ball Games for Beginners

Basic Techniques of Futsal Ball Games

Know, These are the 6 Basic Techniques of Futsal Ball Game – Futsal game is a sport that has a game method similar to soccer.

It’s just that there are some differences that are owned by futsal games, such as the area of ​​the field, the number of players and also the length of the game.

Basic Techniques of Futsal Ball Games

Just like football, futsal also has basic skill techniques that every player must always have.

Because the futsal skill technique needs to be honed and also developed in order to have good skills during the game.

This skill technique will later make the futsal players win.

Futsal is one of those sports that you always think of as a game of football.

However, is it true that the futsal technique is the same as the basic technique of the soccer game?

Yes, there are indeed many similarities between futsal and soccer, the techniques are not much different from one another.

The ability to process the ball is one that is needed by a futsal player.

Although at first glance it looks like the same, there are still quite a lot of differences between soccer and futsal that you need to know so that you don’t go wrong in playing futsal.

The strategy for the game is also different because the size and surface of the field between futsal and soccer fields are very different.

In addition, it is also true that even in futsal, the players will not be separated from the leadership and direction of a coach. For this time will be discussed about 6 basic techniques of futsal ball game.

Basic Techniques of Futsal Ball Games for Beginners

Many beginners already have high abilities in playing futsal, but these skills or abilities must still be honed in order to be able to display performance in a match perfectly.

The basic techniques of playing futsal must be understood and also trained regularly by futsal players. The reason is that having good skills will certainly support the players to be able to compete well.

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When playing futsal, the players must be able to pass, kick and dribble well.

Some of the basic skills of futsal that you must practice are the following 6 basic skill techniques:

1. Passing Technique or Passing the Ball

In the game of futsal, the players must be able to work together with their team so that your team can win the game.

For the skill technique that must be mastered by the players, the first is the technique of passing or passing the ball.

When attacking this passing technique has a very vital role. The reason is that if the players do not have this skill, it will certainly be very difficult to build cooperation in terms of attack.

How to pass the ball can be by using the inside, outside or also using the heel.

2. Ball Holding Technique or Control

The basic technique of playing futsal, then you must also be able to master the technique of holding the ball or commonly called control.

Holding the ball aims to be able to control the ball so that the ball can be controlled properly.

This technique also needs to be mastered by every futsal player in order to receive every pass that will be given during the game.

Futsal players are able to train the strength of the legs, chest and thighs to be able to master this one technique. By mastering the technique of holding the ball, you can improve your skills to play futsal.

3. Hull Ball Technique

When playing a futsal game, you don’t always have to pass the ball using the passing technique. You can also use the stomach ball technique.

Usually for this technique is done by passing the ball at a considerable distance. The way to do this backball technique is to use the top foot on the bottom ball.

You can also use this technique to put the ball into the opponent’s goal when you are dealing directly with the goalkeeper.

4. Dribbling Technique (Dribbling)

For the 6 basic techniques of playing futsal, this one is no less important to be mastered by futsal players.

The reason is to be able to dribble the ball you must be able to master this futsal skill technique.

Dribbling is a futsal game technique in which a player has the ability to control the ball to outwit his opponent.

In defending the ball so that it is not seized by opposing players, it can be done by running, walking, turning or by turning.

With this technical ability, you will be able to improve your futsal game skills so that you are more proficient and smart when competing.

5. Shooting Techniques or Kicking / Shooting the Ball

Futsal players must also have this futsal skill technique, especially for the players who are at the front.

With good shooting techniques, players will find it easier to get the ball into the goal by using a hard kick.

To shoot, you can use the outside of the foot, the back or the tip of the foot to get a hard kick.

6. Techniques for Heading the Ball or Heading

Although this technique is actually not very vital, at any time you can also use the technique of heading the ball to be able to score goals.

In addition, when there is a ball that has bounced up you can control the ball by using the heading technique.

Therefore, this last futsal skill technique should not be missed. You need to master these basic techniques in order to improve your skills in playing futsal.

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Here are 6 basic futsal ball game techniques that are given for you to know. Hopefully it can be useful and can add to your insight, and can play futsal well and well.