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5 Functions of 2-Dimensional Art and Examples

2 Dimensional Art Functions

In this article, we will review some of the functions of 2-dimensional art and examples. This is part of the elements of art which we have studied in the previous article.

Generally, 2-dimensional art is referred to as art that can only be seen from 2 sides. Namely length and width, 2-dimensional art can only be seen from one direction. In other words, 2-dimensional art has no space, volume, or thickness.

When viewed from this understanding, you should be able to guess what this 2-dimensional art work and the function of 2-dimensional art will look like. What is certain is that 2-dimensional art cannot be used and used, because it can only be seen.

Examples of 2 Dimensional Art

  • Painting
  • Photo
  • Picture
  • Cartoon
  • Sketch
  • Photography
  • embossed
  • graffiti
  • mural
  • Caricature
  • silhouette

And much more. Of all those examples, they could only be seen from one direction. It only has length and width.

According to its function, 2-dimensional art can be useful for the following things.

The Function of 2 Dimensional Art in Daily Life

Examples of 2 Dimensional Art

The function of 2-dimensional art emphasizes the function of beauty or aesthetic function. Unlike 3D art, which prioritizes the use of art.

The following are some of the functions of 2-dimensional art that apply in everyday life.

  1. As a Means of Entertainment

Artwork can fulfill a person’s emotional needs. People who see beautiful works of art can feel pleasure, or other expressions. 2-dimensional works of art can serve as entertainment for those who see them. The more beautiful the artwork, the more entertained the people who see it are. Given the human nature itself that really likes to see beautiful things.

  1. As a means of education

There are many paintings that are able to convey a teaching to the viewer. For example, a painting of a smoking person with a skull/death shadow behind him. That means we are prohibited from smoking because it is dangerous.

Or pictures of people who give part of their wealth to beggars, the education side is that as humans we have to share with people whose lives are not as fortunate as ours and help each other between humans.

  1. As a means of communication

Who said we can only communicate by ‘talking’. There are other ways of communication, one of them is by visual image. By utilizing the function of 2-dimensional art, you are able to convey implied messages to other people.

This communication can be expressed as a form of feeling from the creator of the work. For example, a painting that contains sadness, the creator of the work wants to tell him that he is sad at that time.

  1. As a Means of Worship

Artwork can also be related to religious matters. An example is calligraphy from fragments of verses from the Koran that we display on the walls of mosques, houses and other places.

Or calligraphy of Allah and Muhammad or other things that can increase one’s faith. This art can only be seen, enjoyed, but also can make us remember the creator.

  1. Have a High Selling Value

Artwork can be worth more and more expensive if it is painted by a famous person. By creating 2-dimensional works of art, you not only get an aesthetic function, but there is also a commercial function, where you can earn high income from the activity of creating these works of art.
Painters, photographers, animators, all can earn.

By knowing the function of 2-dimensional art, we can know that what can only be seen can also be very valuable. The price can be very expensive. What else can be used and enjoyed its beauty? Of course there are more benefits.