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3 Sites To Merge PDFs (Merge) Online

In contrast to how to use software, to merge pdf files online we have to go through several stages such as the upload > merge > download stage.

This is quite easy, we just need to prepare whatever pdfs you want to merge, then visit a trusted pdf merge site, upload your files to the site, then press the process button and when it’s finished, you can download it in a merged state.

There are so many sites like that, it’s just that here we recommend only 3 sites that we think are very good to try. Just take a look at the following!

SmallPDF is a special site for managing pdfs such as splitting, editing pdf files, converting from pdf to word and vice versa, converting to excel too, to ppt as well, and merging them for free.

Even those of you Google Chrome users can install the extension for free very easily.

There are several methods to upload a pdf to the site, which is uploaded via our computer or it can be directly from cloud storage such as dropbox and google drive.

Just like the site above, the main function is to combine pdfs into one file. It’s just that there is no option to upload via cloud storage.

You can drag and drop a large number of pdf files (make sure the connection is adequate) and wait for the merging process to complete.

Now, this one is very similar to the smallpdf website which also provides features for uploading via cloud storage such as google drive and dropbox for free!

I think this is the right option instead of uploading directly from the site, because if there are several people who also use the site, the server will automatically be busy because it receives a lot of processes.

So our advice, please upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox first, then from there, we just need to connect it to the pdf merge site above.

Actually this method is more complicated because without the help of software. It doesn’t matter for you users of public wifi, it’s just that you are quite worried for users who are in villages and have slow and difficult networks.