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2 Ways to Know the Location of WhatsApp Users Without Knowing

How to know the location of a WhatsApp user without being known – Worrying about family, friends, girlfriend or someone because you can’t be contacted must have been felt by everyone. Whereas through the WhatsApp application, tracking a person’s current location can be easily done.

2 Ways to Know the Location of WhatsApp Users Without Knowing

Since most smartphones today are equipped with a GPS feature where we can track a person’s position with this feature, of course there are many ways to do it. Like how? Check out how to track whatsapp users below.

How to Track WA Users Via IP Address

How to track whatsapp can be by first looking for the IP address of the whatsapp owner. This IP address will be the key to find the current location of the WhatsApp owner.

The method is quite easy, but you have to go through the whatsapp web, so you have to require additional devices, namely a PC or laptop. Here are the steps.

Opening the WhatsApp Web App

The first step of how to track whatsapp is to first open a whatsapp web account via a PC. Once open, immediately open the last chat from the WhatsApp owner you want to track.

Make sure the chat activity that is opened is the most recent. If what’s left is an old chat, try having a recent chat with him.

Find IP Address

Why should you have a recent chat with the WhatsApp owner you want to track? It aims to obtain an IP address that is useful for tracking tools. After opening the most recent chat, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the menu Task Manager.

Enter the Early Stage of Tracking

After opening the Task Manager menu, press Win+R on a PC or laptop keyboard. Then a dialog box will appear, fill in the open box with “cmd” then enter or OK.

Record IP Address

After pressing enter, the command prompt will appear. Type right away netstat-an then press enter. Then the IP address will appear which can be seen on the command prompt display. Write down the IP number that appears so you don’t forget it.

Tracking the Location of the Tracked Whatsapp Owner

The last step is tracking the location of the WhatsApp owner. Can be through the website Enter the previously recorded IP address, and the process is complete.

How to Track WA Users Through Location Share

If the above method is a bit inconvenient, maybe this method can be another option. This method is one of the features provided by the WhatsApp application itself.

What must be remembered, this way the party being tracked will know, so it cannot be done secretly. Here are the steps on how to track whatsapp via location share.

Open Whatsapp App

The first step is to open the WhatsApp application. Then tell the person you want to track to choose a WA account and want him to share his location (in this case the tracker).

Choose a Location to Share

After that enter chat mode. Find the attach icon, its place is in the lower right corner next to the camera icon. Then several options appear, there are documents, cameras, galleries, locations and more. Select the location icon by clicking on it.

Determine The Right Location To Share

After selecting the location icon, maps or satellites will appear. If the data shown by the satellite is correct, it can be shared immediately.

But if it’s still not right, you can edit it first until you find the right location. You can choose the closest location option from the current place.

Share Location

If you are sure that the selected location data is correct, continue by sharing with the desired friend. Click “share current location” then select the “continue” key.

After that stage a display will appear how long the location can be shared, you should choose a long time, for example 8 hours.

In addition, there is also an order to mention a description, it can be filled with the name of the city of the selected location. After everything is ready, click the send icon.

Process Complete

Now the tracker will get a message from the person you want to track via chat. Regarding the person’s current location. Even from the chat, information can also be found regarding how far the tracker’s location is from the person you want to track directly real time.

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Those are 2 ways to track whatsapp that can be used. But remember this method should be used for good purposes only. Not to do anything bad or break the law. You can use it to track a friend’s house that you want to play or something like that.