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These 5 Heroes Are So OP!

Moonton has finally just released the latest patch update into Mobile Legends for the April 2023 edition.

Of course, many changes will occur in this update which will certainly change the course of the game.

One of them is a row of heroes who will become OP in the latest patch this time which will be different from the previous patch.

Therefore, here is a list of heroes who have become really OP after updating the latest Mobile Legends patch for the April 2023 issue.

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Mobile Legends Patch Update September 2022

The first hero that is certain to be very OP in Mobile Legends in this patch is Pharsa.

The reason is, he just got a buff in the form of increasing the magic damage on his passive as well as reducing the duration cooldown on his ultimate.


  • Passive which was previously 150 + 120% Magic Power will now become (8% + 1% per 200 Magic Power) Max HP


  • Duration cooldown reduced from the original 46-38 seconds to 42-34 seconds


The best Offlaner hero in mobile legends
Photo via Twitter @julyen613

After becoming a forgotten fighter hero, Lapu-Lapu will certainly dominate the Land of Dawn in this patch.

This hero has just received an increase in damage from his ultimate which will slaughter his opponents in Mobile Legends.


Hero op mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Bruno is the next hero who will definitely become OP in the latest Mobile Legends patch which will be released at the end of April.

His 1st skill will now increase movement speed his possession is up to 30% which will make him free to finish off the enemy in front of him.


Fredrin mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

Failed to steal the attention of Mobile Legends fans after it was released some time ago, Fredrinn finally got the buff.

Now all of these hero skills are getting optimizations which will really make it even more difficult to beat.


Photo via Mobile Legends

Previously, it was more suitable to be used as a jungler, in this patch Granger will be enough OP if used as a goldlaner.

This hero has got a buff on his skill 2 which will increase his basic attack by up to 40% which will make him dominate the lane.

So, that’s the list of heroes who are now very strong in the latest Mobile Legends patch update for April 2023.

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