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Royale Pass M15 PUBG Mobile Released, Get These 18 Permanent Skins!

Royale Pass Month 14 (RP M14) Night of the Fables has officially finished, which means PUBG MOBILE has prepared a continuation for players who like to collect skins. RP M15 will take up the theme Razzle Dazzleand of course there will be a series of new prizes that are no less interesting than before.

Check out how to get RP M15 and a myriad of prizes here!

How to get PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass Month 15 (RP M15)

How to Buy
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Royale Pass Month 15 will be available from 20 April – 19 April 2023. RP M15 also comes in 3 versions, ie Free, EliteAnd Elite Plus. Where each version has a different number and type of prizes.

Present Royale Pass version Freeas usual, can be obtained by players for free free without need top up UC.

But if you are really interested in a higher version of the prize, players can upgrades to Elite with 360 UC or Elite Plus with 960 UC.

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Prize List PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass Month 15 (RP M15)

Weapon Skins
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Royale Pass this season presents 50 free gifts And 55 additional prizes. Here comes the list skins free permanent that players can get:

Royal Pass M15 (Free)

  • Skins permanent: Wild Dance Emote, Magical Night Parachutes, Martial Master Set, Fairytale Scarecrow – P90, Nightfarer SetAnd Blazing Rose – S1897.

Royal Pass M15 (Elite)

  • Whole prize RP M15 (Free).
  • Skins permanent: Groovy Peck Set, Music Star – Win94, Groovy Peck Cover, Magical Night Helmet, RP Avatar (M15), Magical Night Ornament, Magical Night Smoke Grenade, Cute Clown Finish, Midas Fortune, Drum Sensation – DP28, Clairvoyant Fox Set or Midas Fortune Set.
Royale Pass M15 PUBG Mobile
Photo via PUBG Mobile

Royal Pass M15 (Elite Plus)

  • Whole prize RP M15 (Free) And RP M15 (Elite).
  • Additional advantages: Frame Avatar RP M15, 1 emotes free of charge, 10 Golden Chicken Draw, Respect 30 times a week And 1,200 RP Points to instantly unlock 12 levels.

Apart from the permanent prizes mentioned above, players can also get various other attractive prizes such as Room Cards, Classic Crate Coupon Scrap, Mission Cards, RP Badge, Graffiti, UC, AG, BP until Silver.

How to Claim Rewards PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass Month 15 (RP M15)

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To claim a prize, players only need to raise Royale Pass levels with complete the mission accessible on the page Royale Pass Month 15. There are 50 levels each of which will give a different prize, depending on the type Royale Pass owned by the player.

Completing the mission will give RP Points to level up RP M15. If you feel the mission is difficult enough, it can be completed instantly using Mission Cards or UC.

You can exchange too Metro Supplies with outfit sets available at shop special RP M15including Clairvoyant Fox Set or Midas Fortune Set.

Royale Pass Month 15 available from 20 April – 19 April 2023. Are you ready to get the latest prizes PUBG MOBILE? Just join in Razzle Dazzle!

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