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Revamp Lesley Mobile Legends Changed Again, So Has Your Own True Damage?

Revamp Lesley Mobile Legends Changed Again, So Has Your Own True Damage?

Revamp Lesley Mobile Legends doesn’t seem to satisfy Moonton. After previously being able to get critical, now it is changed again.

In the latest Advanced Server update some time ago, it turns out that Lesley’s revamp was changed again to be like this.

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Changes in Lesley Revamp Mobile Legends

  • New effect: Critical Damage from Lethal Shot now deals TrueDamage
  • Base Critical Damage: reduced to 140%

You can see for yourself that in the latest update there is a new effect where Critical Damage from skill 1 Lesley will deal True Damage.

At first glance it looks good because True Damage is certainly needed because it penetrates the existing armor. But the drawback is that the Critical that Lesley gets is now only reduced 140%.

An experiment was also carried out by one of the content creators of Mobile Legends who stated that if Lesley’s 1st skill does not deal Critical Damage, the True Damage from the new effect will not appear. So, basically Lesley has to give Critical Damage first before getting the True Damage benefit from the new effect.

Instead of being curious, let’s just watch the video below.

But on the bright side, of course, with the existing True Damage, the current meta tank will be worried when facing Lesley because it has a large True Damage.

It is possible that this change will also slightly change the build items from Lesley Mobile Legends later.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the future looks like because as long as it’s still on the advanced server, of course it hasn’t been fixed. When we’re on the original server later (probably the 20th) we’ll just have to wait and see what Lesley gets in her latest revamp.

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