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PUBG Mobile Version 2.2 Has Been Officially Released, Check Out These New Features Come on!

  • The new Nusa map, Erangel map update, and the new Gear Front mode are ready to provide a new experience for PUBG MOBILE fans in Version 2.2.

PUBG Mobile has finally officially launched the Version 2.2 update on April 15, 2023.

To ensure a fast and smooth update, please be in a good network environment and have sufficient storage available on your device. Update the game from April 13–20 (UTC+0) to get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and a Magical Night (3 Days) Helmet.

What’s in PUBG Mobile Version 2.2? Check out more below!

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New Map: Nusa

Map Nusa PUBG Mobile
Photo via PUBG Mobile

Available from April 15th at 9:00 WIB, Nusa is a new 1×1 km tourist island map nestled in the tropics to provide fast-paced battles. With abundant supplies, players can immediately jump into battle as soon as they land and get Chicken Dinner easily!

Nusa is equipped with beautiful views and interesting gameplay to play. This island will soon become your favorite hotspot to show off to friends. This place is worth visiting and exploring!

New Mechanisms, Weapons and Vehicles Launched!

  • Special Recalls: If you are defeated within the first 4 minutes of battle but still have surviving teammates, you can still respawn once and quickly return to the battlefield while carrying a random weapon. (Super Summons activate automatically when playing solo, no need for teammates)
  • Ziplines: Many ziplines are built in certain locations in Nusa. Just approach the zipline to use it and get around quickly. It should be noted that ziplines are very fragile and easily damaged!
    So, use it with extreme caution. The newest Tactical Crossbow can be used to repair ziplines. So, be sure to take it for peace of mind.
  • Elevator: An elevator has been installed in the hotel in Telepak Town. Use it to move between floors of this building. Lifts not only help save energy, but can also be used to tactically ambush enemies with teammates.
  • Tactical Crossbows: The Tactical Crossbow can shoot ropes to repair ziplines or use fire arrows to set fire to certain buildings.
  • NS2000 Shotguns: A weapon that fires accurately at medium and close range. This weapon fires 12 gauge rounds when firing without aiming and 12 gauge slugs when aiming with a scope.
  • Quad: A light and agile vehicle for 2 passengers that can be used to traverse bumpy terrain quickly while maintaining excellent stability and not easily tipping over. This vehicle is suitable for exploring Nusa with friends while crossing dangerous terrain quickly.

Erangel Major Update

Map Erangel PUBG Mobile
Photo via PUBG Mobile

Erangel is a favorite game map for many PUBG MOBILE players. Map and building updates have been added to this map to enhance your combat experience in both Ranked and Unrated Modes.

  • Bike Parking: Bike parking has been added to the outskirts of the map. Mountain Bikes will appear here periodically. Players who prefer to look for equipment can try their hand at traversing the map on two wheels!
  • Hospital and Mylta Power: Hospital and Mylta Power building structures have been updated to simplify combat and sourcing supplies.
  • Ferry Pier: Two new ports will be added southwest of Farm and south of Sosnovka Military Base. The port layout and the number of resources have been optimized to add more open areas for players to prepare combat equipment.
  • Rainbow: New weather effects in Erangel to make things more visually pleasing and provide suitable battlefields.
  • Flash Shop: Discount stores that appear on Erangel from time to time. Do not miss!
  • Gas station: Don’t crash because you run out of fuel! Now vehicles can be refueled at gas stations in Erangel. You no longer have to worry about running out of fuel and abandoning your vehicle. Of course, everything comes at a cost. So, make sure you have the necessary means of payment!
  • Targeted Supply Crate: Chests inside buildings in Erangel have been updated to represent 3 different types: medical supplies, tokens, and military. The supplies in these crates are better than what players are used to finding on the ground.

Themed Mode: Gear Front

Photo via PUBG Mobile

A new game mode, Gear Front, will be available from April 29 – April 14, 2023 on the Nusa (Rated), Erangel (Ranked) and Livik (Rated) maps. 8 skills await in this new mode to give players a unique gameplay.

  • Playzone analysis: Tap a skill to display the next Playzone location on the minimap.
  • Vehicle AirDrop: Tap a skill and throw a flare to summon a vehicle’s water drop.
  • Supply Scan: Tap a skill to scan for nearby advanced supplies for 15 seconds.
  • Gliding Dolls: Tap dive while in the air to summon a dummy and glide for increased mobility.
  • Black market: Tap, hold, and drag to summon the shop in battle for quick purchases.
  • Trail Tracking: Enemies hit are marked for a certain amount of time and they can be seen even behind walls.
  • Hockey Backpack: Converts an item in the backpack into another item. This skill also adds to the carrying load of the backpack.
  • Healing Smoke: Use this skill to throw a special medicine that triggers smoke to restore HP and Energy.
  • Strange Towns: Areas themed in a European style will be a special feature on the Erangel (Ranked) map. Enter Strange Town to enjoy the beauty of a European-style medieval town, and to admire the moonlight and stars in the night sky.
    The town also has 2 hot air balloons in the form of Andy Dolls that you can guide. Open it and climb it to quickly move to another location. On April 13th, Halloweeks will be coming to Strange Town! Don’t miss it!

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Weapon Balancing

PUBG Weapon

4 weapons have been rebalanced in Version 2.2, namely:


  • Increases basic damage, rate of fire and reload speed.
  • Reduces the spread of hip fire.


  • Slightly reduced rate of fire. Increases bullet speed.
  • Reduced weapon damage reduction.
  • Slightly reduced recoil.
  • Added rate of fire compensation for the Mk14.
  • The Mk14 will now have a similar rate of fire when fully automatic firing with the Mk14 on clients with different frame rates.


  • Slightly reduced the recoil duration of a single shot, so the crosshair returns quickly.
  • Increases recoil recovery speed, so that the crosshair is closer to the direction of the shot after returning, increasing the predictability of the crosshair’s return position.
  • Reduced screen shake when shooting with the scope.
  • Increases base damage from 53 to 55.
  • Increased the shot damage multiplier on the torso from 1 to 1.05.


  • Slightly reduced the horizontal recoil multiplier to minimize moving opportunities.
  • Reduces overall recoil growth when shooting continuously.
  • Increases base damage from 46 to 49.
  • Increased torso shot damage multiplier from 1 to 1.05.

New Season: Cycle 3 Season 8

Photo via PUBG Mobile

The new season of Ranked Mode, Cycle 3 Season 8 (C3S8), will be available from April 20 – April 18, 2023. Get New Legendary rewards in the form of C3S8 Glasses, C3S8 Suit, C3S8 Parachute, C3S8 – SKS, C3S8 Mask, and C3S8 Bandana.

In this new season, there is the addition of a sub-tier to Ace and above. Every 100 points is a mini tier and players can collect stars and add titles to Ace Master and higher.

Also the presentation of Tier Badges has been improved and the Badges page has been redesigned.

Update PUBG MOBILE to the latest version right now to experience exciting new content!

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