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PUBG Mobile Officially Launches Map Nusa, Inspired by Indonesia!

PUBG Mobile Officially Launches Map Nusa, Inspired by Indonesia!

Inspired by the beauty of the island of Bali, PUBG MOBILE officially launched its newest game map, titled Nusa, Thursday, 15 April 2023.

Map Nusa is the result of a collaboration between PUBG MOBILE and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf).

The name Nusa on the latest PUBG MOBILE map is taken from the word Nusantara. With a 1×1 map size, Nusa is the smallest game map in the Battle Royale game which is currently popular in Indonesia.

Within 5 minutes, players are guaranteed to be able to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the island of the Gods.

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PUBG Mobile Commitment for Indonesia

Map Nusa PUBG Mobile 1
Photo via PUBG Mobile

Apart from providing new experiences to players, PUBG MOBILE Indonesia Country Manager Elvarica Noviyanti said, this collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is also PUBG MOBILE’s commitment in promoting Indonesian tourist and cultural destinations.

“It is an honor for us to be able to collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, with the same mission, namely to promote the beauty of Indonesian tourism destinations, or in this case the island of Bali.” said Elvarica in an online press conference in Jakarta.

“We hope that the Nusa map can be enjoyed not only by PUBG MOBILE fans in Indonesia, but also from all over the world,” Elvarica added.

Until now, PUBG MOBILE continues to be committed to providing new playing experiences to all players by continuing to collaborate across industries, which in this case is the tourism industry.

Previously, PUBG MOBILE entered the music industry by collaborating with global K-POP stars, collaborating with local MSMEs engaged in the culinary industry, also celebrating Indonesia’s 77th Anniversary by presenting a light show at Borobudur Temple in collaboration with the Borobudur Conservation Center.

Appreciated by Sandiaga Uno

PUBG Mobile New Map
Photo via PUBG Mobile

Meanwhile, Menparekraf Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno expressed his appreciation for PUBG MOBILE.

According to him, the launch of Map Nusa at PUBGM is a major contribution in introducing the beauty of Bali to the world, especially esports activists.

Moreover, continued Sandi, for the first time Indonesia was chosen as the host for the 2023 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC) in April 2023.

Hundreds of millions of pairs of eyes from dozens of countries will be focused on Indonesia in this international esports event.

“PMGC is a world class tournament. An international-class esports competition involving dozens of countries. Let’s take advantage of this momentum to advance the parekraf sector through the game industry,” he said.

Before closing the press conference, Sandi admitted that the Nusa map on PUBG MOBILE was an inspiring breakthrough in the promotion of Indonesian tourist destinations. He hopes that PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy can continue, not only in that map.

“Hopefully PUBG MOBILE will open up even wider collaboration opportunities, we are very enthusiastic about looking to the future, to create even wider collaboration opportunities,” he said.

Come on, what are you waiting for! Updates go to the latest version and play the Nusa map, see its beauty directly through your cellphone.

PUBG MOBILE can be downloaded and played for free through the App Store and Google Play Store. Get information about PUBG MOBILE most complete, up-to-date, and trusted channels through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the official website PUBG MOBILE Indonesia.

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