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Mobile Legends Annual Starlight Skin 2023 Revealed, For This MM Hero!

After getting the revamp, it seems that one of the marksman heroes at Mobile Legends will soon get another surprise, namely the Annual Starlight 2023 Skin.

The hero is Lesley which is one of the legendary marksman heroes currently in the Land of Dawn.

The reason is that since his release on April 9 2023, he can be said to be one of Moonton’s favorite children. Because so far, Lesley has a total of 8 skins in Mobile Legends.


Lesley Gets Skin Annual Starlight 2023

Mobile Legends Annual Starlight Skin 2023
Photo via Mobile Legends Update

After the previous issue for Kagura, the upcoming Annual Starlight skin will definitely belong to Lesley.

This was revealed by a trusted leaker that this hero will soon get his 9th skin.

Just like some of the previous Annual Starlight skins, of course the appearance of this skin will never disappoint.

In the Lesley Annual Starlight 2023 Skin, the skin will be dominated by purple and white colors as well as an eagle animation effect.

When Will It Be Released?

Lesley Revamp Mobile Legends
source: Mobile Legends

The Annual Starlight skin itself is expected to start being traded at the end of April like in several previous editions.

Just like in the previous event, of course you can get this skin through a gacha or exchanging points obtained from gacha results.

Of course, you need to prepare yourself starting from 4000 to 6000 diamonds to be able to have a collection of these skins.

So, those are the leaks of the Annual Starlight 2023 skin that will be given to Lesley in the upcoming update in Mobile Legends.


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