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Is it true that there are Bots at the Beginning of the Mobile Legends Season?

It’s being discussed a lot, is it true that there are bots at the start of the Mobile Legends season that give us easy wins? Here’s the answer!

Ever heard of bots at the start of season 26 of Mobile Legends? Yep, this is being discussed by all Mobile Legends players.

Because they say someone has met a bot and we will give them an easy win. Therefore, other players were curious and looking to meet bots at the start of this MLBB season.

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Therefore, SPIN Esports has an answer regarding whether or not there are bots at the start of this Mobile Legends season, pay close attention!

Likely None

Mobile legends bots
Photo via Gamedaim

Previously, the way to meet bots themselves was said to be that you have to lose streak first, then meet enemies who banned Phoveus, Hanzo, Atlas, Natalia, Barats, and Faramis.

And at that moment your enemy is confirmed to be a bot or a computer-run player, you feel that you are fighting vs AI and can play freely until you can kill as many as possible.

keep in mind, that’s all according to the stories of many Mobile Legends players who have met this bot. But according to SPIN Esports personally there is no such thing as a bot in MLBB.

The reason is because Mobile Legends itself is an online game in which five players must be connected to the internet in order to be matchmaking and competing.

So if you meet an enemy who doesn’t have skills, that’s a common thing that often happens at the start of the Mobile Legends season, because high and low ranks will meet at all epic ranks.

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