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Here's How the Revamp of All Lesley & Gusion Skins Looks Cooler?

Here’s How the Revamp of All Lesley & Gusion Skins Looks Cooler?

We know that these two Moonton’s favorite heroes will be revamped tomorrow, April 20, 2023.

Not only the hero but all the skins also get revamped. Is the revamp of hero skins that have lots of skins better than before or is it even less?

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Revamp Skin Lesley MLBB

The first is from Entrance which is clearly more HD for three skins namely Basic, Normal and Valentine. It is clear from this point of view that Lesley is on par with the new heroes because the entrance is much better.

However, in terms of appearance, maybe some of you will agree that the previous one was very good and Lesley was really good.

As for skills, you can watch in the video that SPIN Esports provides above. It can be seen that the most noticeable change is in Ultimate, now there is no logo for each skill when aiming at an opponent. But there is a bullet logo from Lesley which has been successfully fired 4 pieces.

Apart from that, another noticeable difference is in skill 2, which has more effect than before the revamp.

Overall, Lesley’s skin effect is much better than before the revamp in our opinion.

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Revamp Skin Gusion

Entance is the same as Lesley, there are changes to three skins, namely Basic, Normal and Valentine. What feels of course is Valentine’s skin apart from entrance, the appearance of Gusion’s hair has been changed so it’s no different from normal skin, which is really disappointing.

Disappointment also comes from Elite Gusion’s Hairstylish skin, because the effects of feathers and scissors on skills are removed and replaced. Even though this effect is the uniqueness of this one skin even though this skin is only an Elite skin.

It seems that Moonton wants other skins to be used more often than this cheap skin, so the effect is reduced to normal.

The rest for all skins that feels is skill 2 where now the fall of a Dagger or Gusion weapon is more realistic because it is tilted towards the throw, previously it fell upright although many also argue that the previous effect is better and looks cool.

What do you think about it, do you like the revamp changes and Lesley and Gusion?

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