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CW Reveals RBL Zion Players Who Make ONIC Esports Game Difficulty!

CW Reveals RBL Zion Players Who Make ONIC Esports Game Difficulty!

ONIC Esports finally resumed their positive trend in MPL ID Season 10 after successfully defeating RBL Zion with a score of 2-1.

Having been left behind by Rebellion Zion in the first game, the team with the yellow hedgehog logo immediately made a change by introducing Kairi and Kiboy into the game.

As a result, ONIC Esports immediately turned things around and won a victory over RBL Zion which made the team quite comfortable at the top of the MPL ID S10 standings.

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RBL Swaylow Gets Praise From ONIC CW

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Even though they won, of course the path that ONIC Esports took to achieve this result was certainly not easy.

The MPL ID Season 8 champion had to fall behind sONIC CW RBL ZIonDe before finally securing full points over RBL Zion.

Until the end, Calvin”CW” Winata revealed the figure of the RBL Zion player who made things difficult for him and his teammates in the match this afternoon (16/9).

“If it’s difficult, it’s not there, but in game one, Swaylow played well,” CW said in front of the media crew.

The reason is, Swaylow who uses Lunox is really able to finish off every ONIC Esports player in front of him.

Apart from that, this player rotation really limited ONIC CW’s movements so it is not surprising that he called RBL Swaylow a player who played quite well in the first game. .

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