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Being a Jungler in Mobile Legends You Don't Just Have to Be Smart at Retrieval, You Have to…

Remember carefully, to be a jungler or hyper in Mobile Legends, you don’t only have to be smart in retreat but you have to be smart in these things.

Many think that playing hyper or role jungler in Mobile Legends is very easy, you are spoiled, prioritized by the team and so on.

All you have to do is use the correct retrieval and you have to be on point, especially during lord contests.

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But actually playing the jungler role is not as easy as you might imagine, apart from having to be smart in retrieval you also have to be smart in the following things.

Fast Farming

Paquito Jungler
source: Mobile Legends

First you have to farm fast, it’s true that all jungler heroes have such a high level of farming speed.

But if you just use it, it won’t be effective, because there are several heroes and ways for farming to quickly finish off buffs and forest monsters at once without pause.


Photo via YT MPL ID

Then you have to master the right rotation, pay attention to everything on the map. Starting from the emergence of turtles or lords on which lanes, which lanes need help.

And most importantly, frequently rotate towards goldlaners to target opposing goldlaners so they don’t become items.

Skills Must Be On Point

If you have rotated and farmed quickly, the next step that you really have to do well is that the skill must be on point.

A bad jungler is someone who targets the opponent’s roamers or explaners during team fights, that’s totally wrong. You have to use skill after skill only for the opponent’s core which is usually on the back line during war, including mid laners, gold laners and junglers.

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