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Bad News, No More Backdoors in MLBB Due to This Update!

Bad News, No More Backdoors in MLBB Due to This Update!

Players who like backdoors certainly won’t like this one update. Along with the new patch for April 2023, MLBB has updated their system so that they can no longer do backdoors.

You are certainly familiar with this because it is related to one of the AURA Fire players, Kabuki, who managed to backdoor three times.

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In this released patch it can no longer be used because of this.

Update Patch Can No Longer Backdoor

MLBB backdoors
source: Mobile Legends

You can see that in this new patch Base has great damage reduction when there are no minions.

We have experienced for ourselves that it is very difficult to carry out an attack base when there are no minions at all, especially since a hero like Beatrix has reduced her Wesker power, making it even more difficult to do so.

So, after the new patch was released, you can no longer do a backdoor where you have to push the minions to enter first so that damage reduction won’t be active and you can push your opponent’s base quickly.

It’s a shame for those of you who want the backdoor to start with the patch now it can no longer be used. However, the backdoor is quite troubling because of course it can end immediately without the help of minions.

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