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Are There Any Special Tricks for Black Void's New Gacha Recall in MLBB?

Are There Any Special Tricks for Black Void’s New Gacha Recall in MLBB?

You certainly know that now Mobile Legends has a cool new recall called Black Void.

Getting it is more or less the same as other recall effects such as the bag bag recall, so is there a special trick or not to get this recall in MLBB?

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Gacha Recall Black Void MLBB

After making observations of the content creators of Mobile Legends, it turns out that the answer is no.

Various tricks have been done, starting from odd numbers, multiples of five to straight 30x draws (450 diamonds).

You can see for yourself by looking at the video that we provide below.

So, if there is a content creator who shares his tricks, don’t trust them blindly, because it all depends on the luck of your respective accounts.

Black Void New Recall Effect Price

The price range, of course, varies from 15 diamonds to infinity (around 5000 diamonds is the unlucky one).

One draw requires 15 diamonds, and if you’re lucky, of course you can get it at that price, but if you’re unlucky, you can get it at a high price (not sure how much) but one of the most unlucky content creators gets it around 5000 diamonds.

Once again, we remind you that you need luck to do the gacha effect of the latest Black Void recall, and there are no special tricks to get it at a low price.

It all depends on your hockey, Spinners.

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