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Prediction of 5 Heroes to Sell in M4 Mobile Legends, Is There Yu Zhong?

Prediction of 5 Heroes to Sell in M4 Mobile Legends, Is There Yu Zhong?

M4 Mobile Legends will take place in about 2 weeks. Of course in this event there will be many heroes used.

Interestingly M4 Mobile Legends will take place after the new patch in December 2022 which will take place on the 20th.

Even though it hasn’t been implemented yet, some heroes may get nerfed and buffed on the patch, some strong meta heroes on the current patch are likely to be buffed a lot.

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But seeing that this world tournament is about to take place, we predict 5 heroes that will sell well in the M4 event later.


Mobile legends deadly hero
Photo via Pakua MOD michezo

It’s no wonder that Kaja will still be the choice. His pick method after the buff was really strong. And it’s possible that in the next patch this hero will still be strong and can still be used as a roamer and even a jungler.


Joy mobile legends
Photo via Twitter

As a new hero, even though he will be nerfed later, we think Joy will still be an option. In fact, with the nerf, Joy’s opportunity to be played is very large, considering that this hero is as agile as Harith in his heyday.

He can even be used as an explaner like Edward did at the 2022 IESF.

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Yu Zhong

Mobile legends strongest fighter
Photo via Twitter

It’s no wonder that Yu Zhong will be reused a lot, Saykots’ brilliance when using this hero certainly makes an impression and makes this hero prove to be one of the strongest Explaner heroes.

With so many Mage Highground heroes available, he is still one of the heroes you can rely on to target, even a Marksman like Lesley doesn’t move in front of him.


Mobile legends heroes
Photo via Amino Apps

Lesley is of course the Marksman hero of choice, which players still rely on a lot. After the revamp, this hero went crazy thanks to his true damage.

Oheb almost always uses this Marksman hero when playing at IESF 2022. He can be late game insurance in the hands of the right player.


Counter hero Beatrix
Photo via ART street by MediBang

Beatrix will get the M4 skin, this hero is also still a mainstay even though he gets a few nerfs.

He is also still a top 2 strong Marksman in the Land of Dawn after Lesley to be played as a Goldlaner.

Those are our predictions regarding heroes that sell well, there is a possibility that heroes like Martis, Leomord will often get banned rather than being used, unless they do get a big nerf which might make them no longer an option or jungler option.

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