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PES Bendezu V2.2 PPSSPP FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Be Come a Legend and Full Update Kit Transfer

Download PES Bendezu 2023 PPSSPP FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Be Come a Legend and Full Update Kit Transfer

Hello everyone. Once again ngpigames will be sharing the PES PSP Bendezu v2.2 special for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. With photos of the world’s top players wearing their respective national team jerseys, as shown in the image above. We recommend playing this soccer game.

Beyond looking good, you’ll also enjoy other interesting features in this Android PES, from updated player transfers to club jerseys for the 2022-2023 season. In this game, you can also enjoy features such as becoming a legend that you can already play. The language used in this PES already uses English, but the commentators have not yet.

PES 2023 ppsspp has a game file size of only 1 gigabyte, but this update fixed the European clubs. In addition to the already obvious game-playing ones, we can enjoy many other interesting features. What are you looking for! ! Go ahead, download and play the game now. If you still don’t know how to install the game files, follow the installation tutorial below.

  • After downloading all the game files, make sure the application is installed on your Android phone.
  • zarchiver and ppsspp emulators. Both of these applications are available for free on the play store.
  • Open the Zarchiver application and locate the downloaded game file. Usually found in the download or ucdownloads folder.
  • Click on the Komo eFootball ISO game file and[抽出]Select and navigate to Devices/psp/game memory (paste in game folder).
  • Click on the Savedata file, then select Extract and move it to device memory/psp/savedata (paste it into the savedata folder).
  • Click on the Textures file, then select extract and move it to device memory/psp/textures (paste it into the textures folder).
  • Then simply install the texture version update and overwrite it with the previous version.
  • Then open the ppsspp emulator and go to the Settings/System/Language menu (select Espana).
  • Click on Atlas, select game/psp/game image.
  • Done and happily playing.

How to install Camera Pack files

  • Click on the Camera Pack file and select Extract here.
  • Select and open one of the camera folders you want to use
  • Click and hold the EBOOT.OLD file, select cut or copy, and navigate to device memory/psp/game/eFootball 2022/psp_game/sysdir (paste it into the sysdir folder).
  • end.

How to install Shaders files

  • Click on the Shaders file and select Extract.
  • Then move it to device/psp memory (paste it in psp folder).
  • Then open the PPSSPP application and[設定],[グラフィック],[後処理シェーダー]Click[シェーダー 1]Choose.
  • end.

Size: 1GB

Mode: Offline


  • tutorial bendes
  • hard fame
  • more.


  • New Theme FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition
  • English edition
  • Full Update Kit 2022/23
  • full stadium update
  • Full update transfer
  • HD graphics
  • more.

download link

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