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News : Offer a Variety of Free Events and Calendars! Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Celebrate 2.5 Anniversary

Square Enix Co., Ltd and Akatsuki Inc. has announced the 2.5th Anniversary of the Romancing mobile RPG game SaGa Re;univerSe or SaGa RS. Starting in December, players can enjoy various celebration programs and also have a chance to get up to 60,000 free Jewels.

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At the 2.5 Anniversary celebration, SaGa RS players also had the opportunity to get styles that had appeared before, and were able to take part in the summon event “2.5 Anniversary Romancing Festival”. Not only is there a free opportunity for new users, there is a 10x summon bonus for players who have done three 10x summons.

In the next event, namely “2.5 Anniversary Romancing Festival Exclusive SS Style Exchange”, players can use the items they have to exchange for their favorite SS style, until January 31, 2023. There is also a chance to get the SS Style Romancing Festival which will appear until mid the coming year 2023.

The SaGa RS 2.5th Anniversary Celebration can be the right time for players who want to collect new styles by participating in summon events during the period. In addition, as a thank you for the players’ support, SaGa RS also released a “2.5 Anniversary Calendar Wallpaper” with the theme of the Goddess character which can be obtained free of charge on the official SaGa RS Facebook page. Take part in the KotakGame Awards 2022 giveaway with a PlayStation 5 prize!