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eFootball 2023 Mod PES PPSSPP Final Update Transfer and Best Graphics Real Face

Download eFootball 2023 Mod PES PPSSPP Last update transfer and real face with best graphics

hello everyone. On this occasion, coffeegames shares PES PPSSPP mod efootball 2023. Apart from having an eFootball 2023 style look against the backdrop of the world’s top players such as Sadio Mane and Lionel Messi wearing FC Bayern Munich jerseys, in addition to the PSG jerseys, there are also player transfers and clubs for the 2022/23 season. You’ll also see various other interesting features that have been updated, such as jersey updates. What’s even more unique is that the faces of the players in this game look more realistic as they already show their real faces full of great graphics.

The language used in efootball 2023 mod PES is not yet using English or Indonesian. So, if you want to play PES games in English or Indonesian, check out my past posts. When it comes to the features of the efootball 23 mod game, you can enjoy not only that, but many other interesting features as well. Therefore, it would be a great pity to miss it.

Download eFootball 2023 Mod PES PPSSPP Last update transfer and real face with best graphics

In this post, ngpigames also contains other information such as how to install the game files, features, download links, etc. What are you looking for! ! Download now and play the game now. Not only does it look great, but the game files aren’t too big either.

  • After downloading all the game files, make sure you have the Zarchiver application and the PPSSPP emulator installed on your Android phone. Both of these applications are available for free on the play store.
  • Open the Zarchiver application and locate the downloaded game file. Usually found in the download or ucdownloads folder.
  • Click on eFootball PES 2023 then select Extract and navigate to Devices/psp/Game Memory (Paste it in your game folder).
  • Click on the Savedata file, then select Extract and move it to device memory/psp/savedata (paste it into the savedata folder).
  • Click on the Textures file, then select extract and move it to device memory/psp/textures (paste it into the textures folder).
  • Then open the ppsspp emulator and go to the Settings/System/Language menu (select Espana or Espanol).
  • Click on the atlas, select games/psp/game, and click on the game image.
  • Done and happily playing.

How to install Camera Pack files

  • Click on the Camera Pack file and select Extract here.
  • Select and open one of the camera folders you want to use
  • Click and hold the EBOOT.OLD file, select cut or copy, and navigate to device memory/psp/games/eFootball PES 2023/psp_game/sysdir (paste it in the sysdir folder).
  • end.

Size: 1.2GB

Mode: Offline


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