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Donald Glover Working on Spider-Man Spinoff Film!

After success with the film Venoms and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Sony Pictures does not hesitate to make various other films that are in the SSU universe (Sony’s Spider-Man Universe). As we know, there are several films from that universe that are currently being made, such as films Kraven the Hunter, El Muertoand Madame Web.

But it seems that three films are still not enough to expand the SSU universe. Recently Deadline reports that actor Donald Glover will be starring in a new film from the SSU universe. The new film centers on Hypno-Hustler, a villains that Spider-Man has faced in the comics.

Currently, the Hypno-Hustler film is still in its early development stages. There have been no leaks about the film’s plot. Also, there is still no director appointed to complete the film. Sources say that the script for the film will be written by Eddie Murphy’s son, Myles Murphy.

Just like all Spider-Man films worked on by Sony, even this film will not feature Spider-Man. Even without the presence of Spider-Man, fans are really looking forward to this film, especially with the big name Donald Glover being involved.

Actually it is geeksGlover has previously appeared in films Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which he played Aaron Davis (Miles Morales’ uncle). Glover also voiced Miles Morales in the Disney series Ultimate-Spider-Man. Seeing his track record, Glover is actually no stranger to the world of Spider-Man.

As mentioned above, Hypno-Hustler is villains Spider-Man. But his fate is different from other villains, because he is less well known. Hypno-Hustler made its debut in 1978, via comics The Spectacular Spider-Man #24. The character was created by Bill Mantlo and Frank Springer.

Well Hypno-Hustler himself has the real name Antoine Delsoin. He is the vocalist in a band called Mercy Killers, who uses a guitar to hypnotize his victims. Yep, Hypno-Hustler will hypnotize his victims when he robs. Can’t wait, geeks, to see Hypno-Hustler’s appearance in the film?

Unfortunately, there is no information about when the Hypno-Hustler film will be released. Let’s just wait for further news, Geeks.