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Be Careful, These MLBB Hero Rows Can Combo Flicker in the New Patch!

Be Careful, These MLBB Hero Rows Can Combo Flicker in the New Patch!

The new patch will be coming soon on December 20, 2022, Tuesday to be precise. So, for those who don’t know, there will be an update regarding the Flicker combo for several heroes.

Where previously this line of heroes couldn’t use combos with Flicker but in the latest patch it can. We will tell the affected heroes.

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Latest MLBB Hero Flicker Combo

  • Skill 1 Minotaur
  • Skill 1 Helcurt
  • Ultimate Terizla
  • Ultimate Hanzo
  • Skill 2 Guinevere
  • Ultimate Silvanna
  • Yu Zhong’s Skill 3
  • Skill 2 Agency
  • Ultimate Grock
  • Skill 2 Bruno
  • Ultimate Minsitthar
  • Skill 2 Edit
  • Skill 1 Akai
  • Skill 2 Gatotkacha

You could say there are many heroes affected by the changes to Flicker so that many new combos will be created in MLBB later.

So, don’t be surprised if later on you see the heroes we mentioned doing freestyle and not just Chou or other heroes like Jawhead who can do it.

Because in fact in the next update there will be many scary heroes who can do Flicker combos with the skills they have.

As an example of the combo here, SPIN Esports has provided the video.

How about after watching the video? Will you be one of the players who takes advantage of the latest combo or are you the one who is hit by the newest combo? Get ready and be careful, because these heroes could become a new meta in the next patch.

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