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2.5 Anniversary SaGa RS Presents Various Interesting Celebrations

Developer games Square Enix Co., Ltd and Akatsuki Inc. just announced the 2.5 Anniversary of games RPGs mobile Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe or SaGa RS.

Starting in December, players can enjoy various celebration programs and also have a chance to get up to 60,000 free Jewels.

“During the 2.5 Anniversary celebration, players will get various privileges. Starting from the opportunity to get up to 60,000 free Jewels with a December login bonus, completing missions, and also completing quests,” said Christina Lim, General Manager of AKG Entertainment, Game Publisher partner of Square Enix Co., Ltd and Akatsuki Inc. in Indonesia.

“Besides Jewels, players can also get various prizes such as 2.5 Anniversary Platinum Ticket Summon, 2.5 Anniversary Romancing Festival, 2.5 Anniversary Romancing Festival Exclusive SS Style Exchange, and Romancing Festival Final Emperor. With these various privileges, it is hoped that both old and new players can enjoy this 2.5 Anniversary celebration.” he added.

Opportunity to Get Style SaGa RS

2.5th Anniversary SaGa RS

At the 2.5 Anniversary celebration, SaGa RS players also have the opportunity to get styles that has appeared before, and can follow summon events “2.5 Anniversary Romancing Festival”.

Not only is it a free opportunity for new users, there is a 10x bonus summon for players who have done three times 10x summon.

In events next, namely “2.5 Anniversary Romancing Festival Exclusive SS Style Exchange”, players can use items which they had in exchange for the SS styles their favourites, until January 31, 2023.

There is also a chance to get the SS Style Romancing Festival which will appear until the middle of 2023.

“One of the things that the SaGa series is known for is the music. Therefore, at this 2.5th Anniversary, an atmosphere like a music festival will be presented to the players. Besides being able to enjoy music while playing at the ‘SaGa the Music’ festival, players can also take part in the ‘SaGa the Music Conquest’ event quest which started last December 1,” added Christina.

The SaGa RS 2.5 Anniversary Celebration could be the perfect time for players looking to collect styles new by following summon event during the period.

In addition, as a thank you for the players’ support, SaGa RS also released a “2.5 Anniversary Calendar Wallpaper” with the theme of the Goddess character which can be obtained free of charge on the official SaGa RS Facebook page.

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