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Save the Date! Free MLBB x Saint Seiya Event Comes in Two Phases!

Save the Date! Free MLBB x Saint Seiya Event Comes in Two Phases!

It has been officially announced that the MLBB collaboration with the Saint Seiya anime will be coming soon, reportedly there will be two phases of this free event.

Maybe from some of the previous leaks you already know that you can certainly get one free Saint Seiya skin through the first 10x draw.

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Save the date, yes, because it will be here soon on this date.

MLBB x Saint Seiya Event Release Date

MLBB x Saint Seiya 5
source: YT Joni Gamerz

You can see for yourself that the first phase of this event will be released soon from this date October 29 to October 31, 2022.

For those of you who want cool MLBB x Saint Seiya skins, you can still save because apart from free skins, of course you can get cool skins from collaboration, namely the Gold version of the three existing skins.

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But there’s no need to worry because there are two phases that are presented, in which the second phase will be presented on a date 19-21 November 2022 next.

You can use both phases to get one of the cool collaboration skins with a Gold theme.

Of course, if you use both events, the number of diamonds needed will be much less than if you were forced to get them from the first phase.

Don’t forget to note that for those of you who really want skins for your heroes, namely Badang, Valir and Chou.

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