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RRQ FIel Reveals Key to RRQ's Comeback When Defeating AURA Fire!

RRQ FIel Reveals Key to RRQ’s Comeback When Defeating AURA Fire!

RRQ Hoshi finally secured a place in the final upper bracket after overthrowing AURA FIre with a score of 3-2.

The victory was certainly a pretty extraordinary victory, because the team nicknamed the king of all kings turned things around after falling behind 0-2.

Until finally the defending champions now have a golden opportunity to defend their title in MPL ID Season 10.

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RRQ Fiel Gives A Special Message During The Game Pause

RRQ Playoff MPL S10
Dock. Privaterr

Being left 0-2 from AURA Fire is certainly a tense moment, considering that when the team wins again, RRQ Hoshi will accept defeat.

Comeback what RRQ Hoshi did is certainly one of the comeback which is quite phenomenal.

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Until finally the coach is RRQ Field leaking the secret of his team managed to turn things around and it turned out to be a special message from him.

“Yes, I was just giving a message, don’t forget to breathe, just relax, we’ve been through this before and will do it again,” said Fiel to SPIN Esports after the match against AURA Fire during the MPL ID Season 10 media interview session.

This is certainly not surprising, considering that his foster children certainly need an injection of motivation when playing the decisive match.

So, that’s the key to RRQ Hoshi’s comeback when he faced AURA Fire in the continuation of MPL ID S10.


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