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Paper Rex Officially Brings Cigarettes to Valorant Competitive, Here's His Achievement in CS:GO!

Paper Rex Officially Brings Cigarettes to Valorant Competitive, Here’s His Achievement in CS:GO!

Paper Rex (PRX) is an esports organization from Singapore that has now managed to become one of the most highlighted teams by the Valorant community in the world.

This team began to be taken into account when they penetrated the VCT Masters Berlin 2021, then became the top 4 at the VCT Masters Reykjavik Stage 1, to the runner up of the VCT Masters Copenhagen Stage 2.

This achievement immediately made Paper Rex one of the teams that is always taken into account in the race for the title in the highest Valorant esports tournament.

With line up Their five main roster, namely F0rsaken, D4av4i, Benkai, Jingg, and Mindfreak, Paper Rex is considered strong enough. But in the latest format for VCT 2023 later, Paper Rex is required to have additional players in their roster.

Paper Rex has introduced the official Cigarettes to be the 6th player for the upcoming Valorant Pacific League!

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Paper Rex Bring Cigarettes to Competitive Valorant

Surprisingly, Paper Rex suddenly announced that Cigarettes had joined them. Although it had previously been rumored, this was quite surprising for fans who had assumed that the sixth Paper Rex player was Xccurate.

“Please welcome our 6th player and member of our official #VCT 2023 roster, PRX cgrs @cigarettesxd! See you in the servers soon kub.” That’s how Paper Rex welcomes Cigarettes.

In his introductory video, the Thai player also did not know for sure the reason why Paper Rex offered himself to join VCT next season.

“Actually, I don’t even know why Paper Rex asked me to join. I’m just an ordinary streamer, but at least I can go on vacation to Korea,” he joked.

Cigarettes Achievements

Paper Rex Cigarettes Valorant
Source: Signature Gaming

Since not being active in the competitive scene, the player whose real name is Patiphan Porti is known to have turned into a streamer in the past year.

In the stream, Cigarettes looks quite often playing Valorant. However, not infrequently he also plays other FPS games such as CS: GO, PUBG, to Apex Legends.

Throughout his career as a pro player, Cigarettes has won several CS:GO tournaments such as ROG Masters Asia-Pacific 2021, SEA Fire Championship 2018, to FPSThailand CS:GO Pro League Season #4. Finally, he actively joined as a CS:GO player on the Zigma team from April to July 2021.

In addition, Cigarettes is better known as a sizable streamer and content creator in Thailand. In which, he has 607K subscribers on YouTube, 326K followers on Twitch, 190K followers on Instagram, up to 473K Facebook followers.

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