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Lion Air 2022 Baggage Price Per Kg

This policy is still in effect today, the amount of Lion Air baggage costs issued will depend on the destination of the flight.

In addition, the way you buy baggage will also greatly affect the price of the baggage.

There are two ways to purchase baggage on Lion Air airlines, namely prepaid and excess baggage ticket when you check in.

The main purpose of implementing the payment for Lion Air baggage prices is to support the improvement of the quality of air travel that is simpler and millennial traveling for Lion Air passengers.

However, this will not limit the amount of baggage required by the passengers in other words, the passengers are free to determine the baggage capacity they need.

With the application of paid baggage, the cost of your traveling flight accommodation will be much more efficient and affordable.

In addition, with the paid baggage policy that has been enforced, it is able to increase the timeliness of flight operations by up to 88% from the initial 65%.

In this article, we will provide you with information about Lion Air 2022 baggage prices per kg.

For that, you can refer to the explanation below to the end to find out the latest Lion Air baggage prices.

Lion Air 2022 Baggage Price Per Kg

Latest Lion Air Baggage Prices in 2022

Lion Air 2022 Baggage Price Per Kg
Latest Lion Air Baggage Prices in 2022
If you are a loyal passenger of the Lion Air airline, then you need to know the latest information on Lion Air baggage prices.

As we explained above, there are 2 ways that you can use to buy Lion Air baggage, namely buying it directly when checking in or by buying prepaid baggage.

The two methods have different prices, baggage that you buy directly when checking in (EBT) will be more expensive when compared to buying prepaid baggage (Prepaid).

The following is the price of Lion Air 2022 baggage per Kg based on the flight route and how to purchase it:

  • Jakarta – Surabaya = IDR 37 thousand (EBT), IDR 27 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Solo = IDR 28 thousand (EBT), IDR 20 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Palembang = IDR 27 thousand (EBT), IDR 19 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Semarang = IDR 25 thousand (EBT), IDR 18 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Bandar Lampung = IDR 18 thousand (EBT), IDR 14 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Palu = IDR 58 thousand (EBT), IDR 42 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Padang = IDR 48 thousand (EBT), IDR 35 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Palangkaraya = IDR 44 thousand (EBT), IDR 33 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Denpasar = IDR 44 thousand (EBT), IDR 33 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Medan = IDR 54 thousand (EBT), IDR 40 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Malang = IDR 39 thousand (EBT), IDR 28 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Manado = IDR 75 thousand (EBT), IDR 54 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Yogyakarta = IDR 27 thousand (EBT), IDR 19 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Makassar = IDR 54 thousand (EBT), IDR 40 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – West Nusa Tenggara = IDR 42 thousand (EBT), IDR 31 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Jayapura = IDR 114 thousand (EBT), IDR 87 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Gorontalo = IDR 68 thousand (EBT), IDR 49 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Banjarmasin = IDR 44 thousand (EBT), IDR 33 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Balikpapan = IDR 49 thousand (EBT), IDR 36 thousand (Prepaid)
  • Jakarta – Ambon = IDR 84 thousand (EBT), IDR 62 thousand (Prepaid)

Quoting from the official website of the Lion Air airline, there are several policies and conditions for passenger luggage that is allowed to be brought into the aircraft cabin (hand carry), including:

Each Lion Air passenger will be allowed to carry one piece of cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg and a maximum size of 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm.

If you bring a laptop, you should use a thin laptop bag, because it will not be counted as the allocation of the items you carry.

If you carry liquid luggage, it must not be more than 100 ml, if you carry a carry-on bag, it should be of the right size to be placed under the passenger seat so as not to disturb other passengers.

If you bring valuables such as cash, jewelry, important documents, cell phones, cameras or other portable electronics, they can be stored on the overhead rack or under the passenger seat.

If you bring a baby, the baby’s needs such as milk bottles, diapers, food and a change of clothes should weigh a maximum of 5 kg.

The final word

Hopefully the information we share above can be your reference when traveling using Lion Air airlines.

If you are going to travel by airplane, make sure you bring luggage that is safe and will not burden your trip.

You can also share this information with your relatives and friends who will travel using Lion Air airlines.

That’s all our discussion in this article about Lion Air 2022 Baggage Price Per Kg. Hopefully useful and good luck.