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How to Setup Psiphon Pro AXIS 2022

How to Setup Psiphon Pro AXIS
How to Setup Psiphon Pro AXIS – Axis is a type of telecommunications network company in our country, Indonesia.

In this development, the Axis operator has become an option for every user, to continue to use this operator as a tool or a place to communicate with each other.

There are a lot of customers who are interested in using this Axis operator, because the prices are very affordable and the service facilities are quite adequate.

And one of them is in providing internet quota data package promos by having a large amount of quota and a fairly cheap price.

And also the speed of internet network access that can make its customers feel comfortable using the Axis operator.

Actually you can also connect to the internet by using the free internet application Psiphon Pro.

Psiphon Pro is an application that has been created to allow its users to get a free internet access network.

To do that, change and also add a little setting in this one application.

Apart from that, this application is also widely used to be able to change the distribution of internet network quota so that it can be used for 24 hours free to access the internet.

Actually, there are a lot of free internet applications scattered on the internet, for example, HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel, Anonytun, and also includes Psiphon Pro.

And for more details, just take a look at how to set the Psiphon Pro AXIS below.

How to Setup Psiphon Pro AXIS

How to Setup Psiphon Pro AXIS

How to Setup Psiphon Pro AXIS
How to Setup Psiphon Pro AXIS

And go straight to the steps on how to easily set up Psiphon Pro AXIS, which are below:

  • The first step is that you first download the Psiphon Pro application on the Google Play store or you can also go through the following: Psiphon Pro Axis.
  • Please install the Psiphon Pro application, next please open it, after that press Options.
  • In your Options menu, check the list that says Switch Connections All Devices (must be Android 4.0+ devices)
  • Next select the server you want to use in the Best Performance section
  • After that click Advanced Options and also check the list in the words VPN Tunnel all Apps and in the settings section Then proxy Connect via HTTP Proxy and you use System Network Settings.
  • After that you click the Custom HTTP Header section, then check the Add Custom HTTP Header section, then set the Psiphon Axis Header as follows:

Header Settings 1

Name of Header: X-Online-Host
Value of Header: (fill with Axis bug 0p0k)

Header Settings 2
Name of Header: X-Online-Host
Value of Header: (fill by using Axis bug 0p0k)

Header Settings 3
Name of Header: X-Online-Host
Value of Header:

Header Settings 4
Name of Header: Connection
Value of Header: Keep-Alive

Setting Header 5 and Setting Header 6 does not need to be set

  • After you fill in all the settings for the Psiphon Pro application, please return to the application homepage, then press Start or Start.
  • You just have to wait a while for the application to look for operator network bugs to connect to the internet network.
  • If you have successfully connected, then the Tunnel Connected status will appear in the LOG section and also in the Statistics option it will start running immediately.

The final word

Thus the information that we have conveyed about how to set up the Psiphon Pro Axis.

Hopefully it can help Axis users wherever they are, by using this method you can connect to an unlimited internet network.

As long as you frequently replace Axis bugs regularly to ensure that you always stay connected to the internet network.

That’s the whole content of our discussion in this article about how to set up Psiphon Pro AXIS. Hopefully useful and good luck trying it.