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How to Headshot FF, Good at Shooting Enemy Heads Without the Need to Use Cheats!

How to Headshot FF, Good at Shooting Enemy Heads Without the Need to Use Cheats!

In playing shooting games or what we often know as FPS games, having comfort in playing is a factor that quite affects performance.

Usually, games like this provide both easy and difficult things to do, such as shooting enemies in the head or headshots.

By producing a headshot shot, players can more easily overthrow the enemy in a relatively faster time.

The reason is, if they shoot in the body or other parts, it will take a longer time when compared to shooting directly in the head.

We also tried to collect some easy ways to do headshots in Free Fire (FF) which we summarize in the following tips!

How to Headshot FF

  1. Use the right sensitivity

FF Auto Headshot 2022 HP Oppo sensitivity

There are many sensitivity recommendations that players can find. However, there wasn’t much they could use to do it.

The reason is, each player has a different way and style of playing. So, they need to adapt to their own sensitivity, as well as the device they are using.

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  1. Setting custom HUD as comfortable as possible

Yep, having a comfortable HUD is one thing that a player who plays FPS games through HP should have. This will help you use all the features available to get a headshot.

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  1. Do regular exercise

aim auto headshot free fire ff

Even though Free Fire itself has provided an auto-aim feature for its players, they still have to train their shots to get a headshot training space.

That will help players to be able to produce precise aiming shots in the head, because it requires a habit that is practiced by shooting and playing often.

  1. Use the scope and understand the weapon’s abilities
New Sniper Weapon M24 FF
Weapon scope M24 Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire presents several types of weapons, among which can be used in long, medium and close range. Long-range and medium-range weapons will require a scope in order to see the enemy clearly.

And also each type of weapon has a different ability from the distance and damage generated. By recognizing the weapon you are using, it will help you in choosing the weapon you want to use when you see the enemy.

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Those are some ways that a Free Fire player can use to produce the right shot on the enemy’s head! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.