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How to Disable Jovi on VIVO 2022

How to Disable Jovi on VIVO

How to Disable Jovi on VIVO – Sufficiently tight competition among cellphone manufacturers, and added by the needs of users with features that make all activities easier.

Including everyday, that’s what makes cellphone manufacturers have to be smart to be able to improve services or features on their cellphones.

Now, this is what they have to do, so that they don’t lag behind other competitors, including cellphone manufacturers who are now making improvements in the feature area.

One of them is Vivo, which is because Vivo has now issued a Smart Scenario Jovi which is dedicated to making it a personal service for learning.

Even thought and emotional expression, providing its users with efficient service plus decision making.

Discussion on How to Disable Jovi on Vivo

Jovi itself can help its users to remind its users about the weather such as rain in addition to the services provided, namely health, exercise at the end of the day.

But all Vivo cellphone series can use this feature, but Jovi can only be obtained on Vivo Nex cellphones.

However, on the official Vivo page, it is recommended that other mobile phone users also use Google Assistant, which is much different from the Jovi feature.

There are many questions right now, when we activate the Jovi feature, can we disable this feature on our Vivo cellphones?.

Now to answer the question you have, we will provide a solution for you how to disable Jovi on Vivo, which is as follows.

How to Disable Jovi on Vivo

How to Disable Jovi on Vivo

How to Disable Jovi on VIVO
How to Disable Jovi on Vivo

What you have to do is really understand how to activate the feature on your Vivo cellphone, before you go to how to disable Jovi on Vivo.

So that you understand better when activating the Jovi feature, if you already understand how to activate it then you can disable the Jovi feature very easily.

That’s how it is as follows.

  1. The first step you have to do is open the settings found on the Vivo cellphone.
  2. Then, you select the Jovi option then you select the scenario option again.
  3. When you are finished, then you can activate the smart scenario.
  4. After that you swipe to the bottom, after that you activate the notification reminder so that Jovi is active.

Well, so is the way to disable Jovi, if you want to disable the Jovi feature, please select the features in the settings on Vivo then select the disable option.

But not only activate via settings, but you can also activate it by long pressing the Jovi Al button on the left side.

If you have done it, then you do the activity in the same way because Vivo itself is a global cellphone manufacturer from China.

Even now many have been produced in several countries outside China, including India, China, Indonesia and the United States.

The products have been sold in all countries, on the official website page from Vivo it has been stated that the product has been used by more than 200 million users.

The final word

This feature makes it easy for you Vivo Hp users to remind you of today’s weather, and also health data if you want to exercise.

But if you don’t want to disable it, then please follow the method above that we have provided.

That’s the whole content of this article about how to disable Jovi on Vivo 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.