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Entering the Grand Finals Three Times in a row, ONIC Aldo Mention the Advantages of the ONIC Esports Team!

Entering the Grand Finals Three Times in a row, ONIC Aldo Mention the Advantages of the ONIC Esports Team!

Since Season 8, ONIC and RRQ have become subscriptions to fill in the Grand Finals and even slots for international tournaments.

Of course it’s not an easy thing to do because it’s not for a while, not just 1 or 2 seasons but 3 seasons.

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After the Lower Bracket Final against AURA Fire, which could be said to be running smoothly compared to season 9, the coach from ONIC, Aldo, revealed the advantages of his team compared to other teams.

source: Doc. Personal

“It’s consistent, that’s the most visible and it’s not easy to be consistent, in my opinion RRQ and ONIC are one of the two teams that showed consistency in the regular and playoffs, that’s what really differentiates them from other teams,” said Aldo in a media interview after the match. .

You could say it is difficult to maintain consistency and ONIC as well as RRQ have shown this.

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Where for three seasons they dominated the top 2 standings and the Grand Final. Even though we know that in the regular season there are many surprises, such as BTR being gassy at the end, AURA going crazy and overthrowing Alter Ego at the start of the playoffs, and many others.

However, this did not happen when they faced the two strongest MPL Indonesia teams at the moment, namely ONIC and RRQ.

Both seem to show that being strong is not enough, but they must be consistent in order to advance to the Grand Final.

Hopefully both teams can show their consistency in the M4 World Championship later so that they can take home the M4 trophy, if possible both of them can enter the Grand Final together like M1 where RRQ and EVOS managed to get there and ensure Indonesia’s title.

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