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Boruto: Sarada is immune to Senrigan's powers?

The last few chapters of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation manga series focus on the story of Eida and Code. As we know in chapter 73 yesterday, Shikamaru made a special mission for Team 7 related to Eida. He asks Boruto and Kawaki to live together. In exchange, Eida would cooperate with Konoha.

On the other hand, this also makes Eida closer to her idol, Kawaki. One of the reasons why Shikamaru then gave the task to Boruto and Kawaki is because both of them are Otsutsuki. As geeks know, Eida has a special Doujutsu, Senrigan, which can make anyone fall in love.

Only those who are descendants of Otsutsuki, or are Otsutuki, who are detached or will not be affected by the move. However, what is interesting is that there is a possibility if one of the other characters also has the “ability” to be immune from the Doujutsu. That character is none other than Sarada Uchiha. Why then is Sarada able to survive from Senrigan?

Senrigan Has No Effect on Eida?

Chapter 74 shows how Eida arrived in Konoha with Daemon and Amado. When he got off the train, Eida then greeted Shikamaru. This clearly makes everyone fascinated with the figure of Eida, including Sai. Eida decided to go straight to her apartment. Arriving there, he then met with Sarada, Mitsuki, and Team 10.

Once again they were amazed by the figure of Eida. Shikadai himself could not see clearly Eida’s figure, so he was not affected by Senrigan. However, in that moment Sarada clearly saw Eida’s figure. Unlike the rest of her comrades, Sarada seems to be immune or unaffected by Eida’s senrigan abilities. Is Sarada really not affected by Eida’s power?

Boruto: Sarada Invulnerable to Senrigan's Power?, Greenscene

Judging by what happened, Sarada was most likely resistant to Eida’s technique. This also clearly invites the fans to question marks, how then can Sarada survive Eida’s attack. For now, there is still no explanation regarding the Senrigan technique. Amado himself explained that Eida’s technique was similar to a “subliminal attack.”

One theory that is developing among fans is that Senrigan and his ability to make people fall in love, may have a working system similar to Genjutsu. This subconscious attack makes people fall in love with the figure of Eida, which he cannot control. And seeing what happened, this speculation seems quite reasonable.

Thanks to the Uchiha Descendants?

Why then Sarada was able to survive Eida’s technique could have something to do with her origins. As we know, Sarada is part of the Uchiha clan. Meaning, he was already far superior to the others in terms of Genjutsu. It is possible that Sasuke had previously given Genjutsu training to Sarada to resist and resist immediate external control.

Eida has no control over who will be affected by her abilities, which is why the Senrigan effect can happen to anyone. Looking at the characteristics of the person affected by Senrigan and comparing it to Sarada’s reaction, it felt like she had managed to withstand or be immune to the attack.

Boruto: Sarada Invulnerable to Senrigan's Power?, Greenscene

Apart from Sasuke’s training, it could be because he is of Uchiha descent is also one of the factors why he was able to withstand Eida’s attacks. The Uchiha clan is descended from Indra Otsutsuki, who was the first child of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. This is what later became the reason why the Uchiha clan had the Sharingan, which was formerly known as the “Hagoromo Eye.”

Based on this, we can conclude that Sarada is not affected by Senrigan Eida because basically Sarada is also part of the Otsutsuki clan. This also gives a hint that there is a possibility that his father, Uchiha Sasuke, the Hyga clan, and also Naruto, will be immune to the power of Eida. This is of course a distinct advantage for Konoha to face Eida in the future, if he later betrays.