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Auto Like FB 2022 Free

Facebook Auto Like

Auto Like FB 2022 Free – Facebook is one of the most popular social media applications.

Just like other social media applications, Facebook also has a feature like posts, added comments and more.

To get likes on Facebook, then you have to post interesting things so that many other Facebook users like it.

However, there is an easier way to get Facebook likes and can make you more fun while doing it.

Facebook is just like the Instagram application which requires third-party applications to get lots of likes.

However, this time we will describe an easier trick to like Facebook on your posts.

Therefore, keep reading this article, which we will discuss about this free FB 2022 auto like until the end.

Auto Like FB

1. Here’s How to Auto Like FB Easily and Safely

Facebook Auto Like
Here’s How to Auto Like FB Easily and Safely
There are several ways to get lots of likes on Facebook either manually or automatically.

To start this trick, you don’t need to use an additional application because the tutorial uses a website, namely yoliker.

In this trick, there are advantages and disadvantages but it can achieve auto like, Facebook status up to 1000 is obtained quickly.

Meanwhile, to get Facebook likes that reaches 1000 manually, of course it takes a very long time.

So, to get auto likes on FB faster, see the steps below:

  • The first step, please enter the auto like site on
  • If you are already logged into Yolikers, scroll down and click “Click here“.
  • Then enter your email and password then click “Generate tokens“.
  • Then you can take a token to start auto like Facebook for free by entering your Facebook account email and password.
  • Copy all the codes (auto like tokens) in the column provided.
  • If you have clicked generate token, a code will appear that must be copied (the code is your Facebook account token which will be used to log in).
  • Then click “Go back & paste your token“.
  • Paste the auto like token that was copied earlier into the column provided and click “Login“.
  • If the account that the token took to login is not problematic, there will be a green notification that the login was successful, then scroll down and click the “Post liker“, but if you fail to log in, then the account that is being used to login has problems such as sessions and checkpoints.
  • If you are logged in, scroll down and there will be a countdown after which a button will appear “Continue” then click the button to go to auto like.
  • Open your Facebook account and copy the url of the post you want to inject like.
  • Paste the post link in the column provided, select the type of like that will be sent then tick the rechaptcha and click “Submit“.
  • If you have managed to get the post link that you want to send the auto like, please paste the link in the column provided, then select the type of auto like you want to send.
  • Done.

The final word

You need to know that auto like Fb Lite or the Facebook mobile application is the same because if you are going to add likes, you still use the url of the post.

However, if the Fb 1000 auto like can work optimally if the privacy of your post is public.

Therefore, if you try the method above but fail, one of the reasons is because of the privacy of friends, friends of friends.

This is the information we can share with you about auto like fb 2022 is free in this article. Hopefully useful and good luck.